The Cost of Tree Removal

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According to, the average price to remove a tree is $1,200. The average cost to remove a small tree is under $400, and a tree over 100 feet tall could cost you anywhere from $2,000 and up.

But what exactly does the average tree removal cost entail, and are there hidden costs that you should be aware of?

Factors affecting the cost of tree removal

Certain factors will drive up the cost of tree removal, such as how tall and wide the tree is. In addition, if the tree is located near a building or powerline, or if it is difficult to remove, the price for removal will go up.

So let’s break down the prices of tree removal with a company like BBD Tree Service.

Smaller trees, around 20 to 40 feet tall, will average between $250 and $450 to remove. Again, prices go up depending on how difficult it is to remove a tree. The length of the tree is another factor that will drive up the cost. To break this further down, the cost of tree removal is calculated per foot. On average, it is approximately $9.50 to $14.40 per foot of a tree.

1. Type of tree

It isn’t only the size and length of the tree that will determine the price of removal, but also the type of tree. Some trees have extensive root systems, making it more challenging to get out of the ground. There are three types of tree root systems:

  • Taproot
  • Flat root
  • Heart root

Trees like palm trees and fig trees are more expensive to remove due to their extensive root systems. The wood on some trees may be thick and dense, making it challenging to remove. Some trees may have laws protecting them and preventing their removal. Furthermore, long branches may make it difficult to remove certain trees.

2. Tree Health

Sometimes, a dead or dying tree may be easier to remove as the branches and wood may be soft and brittle. This may bring down the price of removal. Alternatively, you may need specialized equipment and a rigging team to safely remove a large dead tree, which may increase the price.

Number of trees that need removal

When you have more than one tree that needs to be removed, the tree felling company may charge by the acre. The price per acre will vary depending on how densely the acre is forested. The price ranges between $500 to $6,000 per acre, with less dense acres costing up to $3000 and more densely forested acres costing upward of $6,000.

3. Other costs

Additional costs incurred may include labor, as some trees can only be removed by a certified arborist. Materials such as saws, ladders, buckets, and removal vehicles may drive up the cost. In addition, the region where trees need to be removed may affect the price.

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