Tree Removal Company in Newton, MA

Trees can be susceptible to strong winds, storms, or heavy snowfall. In such harsh weather conditions, they are at risk of falling, breaking branches, cracking, or fracturing.

Besides weather conditions, trees can be affected by diseases that may pose significant risks to their surroundings and humans.

Indeed, some of the tree damage can be salvaged, while others that may have gone beyond repair may need to be uprooted. This is where BBD Tree Service company comes in. You can count on us to provide you with knowledgeable advice on what to do with your trees. From tree trimming to tree pruning and removal, our experienced arborists will act accordingly.

You’re welcome any time and benefit from our services. No matter what your tree may require, we’re up to the task.

Tree Removal Company in Newton, MA

Which Tree Services Do We Offer?

For any tree to thrive and grow healthily, it must be handled with care from its tender age until its fully grown. The following are some of the plant services we offer:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • overseeing and advising in all plant phases.
  • Stump removal
  • Tree planting

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Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is part of the maintenance procedures that make them grow fast and healthy. Trimming also makes them look neat, tidy, and safe. Ensure you trim them every season for proper growth.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning mainly entails the removal of dead and damaged branches and roots. When you prune trees, you stimulate and accelerate their growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are common questions we get from our customers:

What trees to remove?

The thought of removing a tree that you’ve seen grow isn’t an easy one. No one wants to remove a tree from their property for whatever reason. Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable.
If you do decide to bring down your tree, there are some factors to look at:

Dead trees:

Dead or dying trees waste space and make the landscape unattractive. Dead tree removal improves the aesthetic value of your land and improves its visibility.

Damaged trees:

Like dead trees, damaged trees don’t add value to the general area. Assess the extent of the damage and decide whether to salvage the tree or remove it completely. Not all damage requires removal, some can be repaired.

Diseased trees:

It is risky to keep the diseased trees since they can easily spread the disease to others that are healthy. Once you note a tree or part of it is sick, take quick action to save the rest.

Encroaching trees:

Sometimes a tree can grow in a direction that may pose a risk to nearby structures or buildings. Or its roots may grow into structures/ buildings and cause damage. For instance, roots that grow into manholes in a home setting may cause a serious blockage. When it happens, the solution is to remove the tree. Note that in such circumstances, you need an expert to remove the tree; otherwise, removing it anyhow can cause more harm than good. Get in touch with a licensed and experienced arborist for a perfect job.

Squeezed Trees:

When the trees are squeezed together, they lack a healthy radius to grow optimally. They end up suffering and also mess up the landscape on which they are growing. Avoiding overcrowding by removing excess trees boosts healthy growth, adds value to your property, and also boosts curb appeal. In addition, removing excess trees helps to maintain safe visibility levels, creates room for more ideas, and adds aesthetic value to your property.

Tree Removal in Newton, MA

What months are best for tree trimming?

Is there a designated time in the year to trim trees? It is a common question that many arborists have to deal with. To answer this question, the following are helpful guidelines to follow to answer the question in the best way possible:

  • The type of tree to undergo trimming
  • The impact of insects and other organisms at that particular time
  • The surrounding landscaping
  • The trees’ susceptibility to diseases

That said, the best time to trim trees is from November to March. These are winter months. The reason for choosing the winter season is because, at this time, most trees are dormant.

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Trimming trees during their dormant stage has the following advantages:

  • Trees heal faster when at the dormant stage; by the time winter is over and spring is approaching, the tree is healed and ready to grow.
  • Trees are less susceptible to disease and insect attack in their dormant stage.
  • There’s less impact on the surroundings when almost all the trees have shed their leaves.

Is it better to trim a tree or prune a tree?

As a home/ property owner, chances are high that you have considered trimming and pruning trees on your property. The fact is both pruning and tree trimming are critical services to your trees.
While trimming promotes healthy growth and adds aesthetic value to your plants, pruning, on the other hand, removes excess, damaged, diseased and dead branches.
Pruning and trimming are normally done at different times in the life of a plant. The tools and equipment used to do each are also different.
Well-trimmed shrubs, trees, and hedges grow healthily and are attractive. They increase the land value. Commercial property dealers do professional trimming because they know the value it adds to their property when selling it.
Pruning maintains the trees and removes unwanted branches and roots. Although pruning and trimming have got several similarities, there are a few differences that differentiate them. The differences are:

  • Tree pruning is usually done once annually during winter, while trimming is done twice per year.
  • Pruning is specifically done to remove unwanted branches and roots, while trimming is done to promote the healthy growth of a tree.
  • Tree pruning is done using hand shears or topping shears, while trimming uses saws and trimmers in addition to shears.
Tree Trimming Company in Newton, MA

Need a Tree Removal Company in Newton, MA?

Is it time to remove your tree? Call us at (781) 589-9902 or contact us online for the most extensive pruning, maintenance, and removal plan for your plants. We walk with you through all the phases of tree care for your trees’ proper growth is our ultimate joy. Get in touch with our team today, and let’s get started.

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