Keeping Your Trees and Shrubs Looking Great

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Trees on your property are a great way to liven up the space. Whether it’s a residential or commercial lot, a little greenery can add plenty of benefits not only to its aesthetic but even to its property value. 

Especially if the trees are kept in good condition. That’s why you should treat the trees in your property like part of your property investment, as it is. 

Getting expert tree care is also something you should seriously consider. It will be particularly advantageous for those with more than a few trees on the property. Meanwhile, here are some basic tree pruning tips that can help you get your property for the new year. 

Prune at the Right Time

Pruning isn’t just about using the right techniques. Before you go on a pruning spree, you should first know when is the right time to work on a particular tree or shrubs. Keep in mind that scheduling the pruning should be based on the plant’s dormancy.

Basically, dormancy is the period when the tree or plant has stopped active growth. Think of it like them going into hibernation mode. It’s during this dormancy that’s most ideal for pruning. That way, you can adjust their shape just before they awaken for the next bloom.

For example, fennels, peonies, and daylilies, should be pruned in the fall. Aster, lavender, and mugwort, meanwhile, are best pruned in the spring. 

If you want to have great-looking pine trees in time for the holiday season, you should prune them with a company like BBD Tree Service sometime in early June or July. Meanwhile, evergreen shrubs and trees (holly, boxwoods, fir, spruce) should be scheduled for late winter pruning. You can delay it until early spring at the most.

Have the Right Tools

To prune successfully, you’ll of course need the right tools. Otherwise, you might leave your trees or shrubs damaged, which can then leave them vulnerable to diseases and further injuries. 

Some tools you’ll need to get the job done include the folding pruning saw, loppers, and secateurs. Pruning shears are among the most common tools and work great for topiaries. 

The tools to be used would also depend on the kind of pruning to be done, so also take that into consideration. 

Types of Pruning 

There are different styles of pruning for the different kinds of trees and shrubs. There’s the removal cut, the reduction cut, and heading cut. Then, there’s also the removal of dead branches. 

There are also specific techniques for cutting and pruning. The cut should be clean and precise, not jagged. Otherwise, it could make them more susceptible to pests and insects. That’s why it’s important to keep your tools sharp.

Also, did you know that you should sanitize your tools before getting to work? Diseases may spread between plants, even those cut from the same plant.

These are but some of the most basic tree-pruning tips to keep in mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out to BBD Tree Service for more guidance and professional services. Contact us today!

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