Don’t Damage Your Christmas Tree This Year

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, what is the best way to trim your branches? Okay, that isn’t how the song goes, but it is important to know the best way to trim a Christmas tree properly. In addition to having a less-than-ideal tree, poor trimming practices can lead to a shortened life and damage your Christmas tree.

Steps for Trimming a Real Christmas Tree

The good news is it isn’t that difficult, and following a few easy steps will help you to keep your Christmas tree shapely and beautiful throughout the holiday season. Here is what you should know about trimming your Christmas tree.

1. Shape the Tree

Shaping is arguably the most important step in the entire trimming process. After properly preparing and setting the tree securely in its base, it is time to step back and take a look. Ideally, the Christmas tree shape would mean cutting the tree base to about two-thirds of the height of the tree. 

That will ensure the full and triangular-like shape that is synonymous with Christmas trees. Last but not least, be sure to cut the branches at an angle, regardless of what type of tool you choose to help prevent bacteria growth and damage to the limbs.

2. Remove the Dead, Broken, and Bad First

If you take your time, you can also do this step during the shaping of the tree. Any branches or limbs that look bad, are broken, or have signs of disease or infestation should be cut away and removed. Don’t worry, this will actually help your tree to thrive, instead of having it sapped of water and nutrients by this unwanted growth.

3. Eliminate the Weak and Keep the Strong

Most pine trees will develop multiple leaders. The key to keeping your tree from looking unkempt is to cut away the weaker leaders. Where there are multiple leaders, eliminate the weaker offshoots, leaving only the strongest.

4. Avoid Overdoing It

The tree you picked, you probably chose, at least in part, because of its shape. One of the most alluring and inviting aspects of having a live Christmas tree is keeping that natural and beautiful feel and look. So don’t over-trim, and try to allow the natural shape of the tree to be your guide.

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