Signs That Your Tree Is Dying

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Is my tree dying? Maybe you suspect your trees are dying, but you are unsure. The good news is that there are various signs that you can pay attention to that will indicate your tree is actually dying. It is important to pay attention to dying trees because if they are dying, they can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Indicators of a Dying Tree

Here are some indicators that suggest your tree is indeed in the process of dying:

  • Branches and sticks on the ground – If you notice that a lot of branches and sticks are all over the ground, this is a good indicator of an unhealthy tree. Healthy trees contain strong, sturdy branches. Branches that have fallen on the ground mean you should probably contact a tree professional to have them checked out.
  • Fallen tree bark – If you notice that the tree’s bark has begun to fall off the tree or begins to strip off the tree, the tree is unhealthy. This means the tree is not getting the required minerals to stay alive. The bark is the skin of the trees, comparable to that of a human body. If there is an issue with your own skin, this can be a strong indicator of a medical condition. The same applies to the bark of a tree. It could very well mean that the tree is suffering from an illness.
  • Noticeable decay – Anytime you see mold, rotting, or decay, this is not a good sign. If your tree contains any of them, you still have time to save it only if you take action right away. But, sometimes the damage is irreversible, and whatever you do, you won’t be able to save the tree. But, if you want to give it a shot, there are various treatments available for tree decay.
  • Absence of leaves – If your tree isnt growing leaves, it could be dying. This is a strong indicator that it is in the process of dying or already has. A tree without leaves means it hasn’t received the necessary minerals to survive. This type of issue is indefinite.
  • Noticeable pests – Many trees attract pests such as beetles and termites. These alone can kill any tree unless they are detected ahead of time. If you notice them present on your tree, you can try to reverse the damage.
  • Root destruction – Trees can quickly die due to root damage. Roots can be damaged in the process of landscaping and other projects unintentionally. Eventually, they can be removed if they obstruct sidewalks and buildings. But, taking too much of the roots off of any tree can kill them. This is why it is important to leave this type of work in the hands of an arborist if you have noticeable tree roots in the way.
  • Branches that are fragile – If the branches on the trees tend to snap easily, this is another strong indicator of a dying or dead tree. Fragile branches are sick branches. That could also mean that the remaining tree is also dead.

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