Am I Pruning My Trees too Much?

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Pruning your trees is something you need to do to keep them healthy and to ensure that they grow safely. That being said, you may not be sure when you should be pruning or how to prune your trees properly. There are times when you can do your own pruning and times when a professional service is a better option all around.

When You Should Prune Your Trees?

Trees are best pruned during the winter or fall months. The reason for this is that during the summer months, the tree will be full of sap, and the tree’s growth will be focused on the leaves, branches, and upper growth. During the winter, the sap goes down into the roots and trunk, and the growth is going to be focused on the roots of the tree.

If you are pruning during the winter, the limps and leaves are less likely to grow back quickly, and you are going to be able to focus the new growth on the roots of your trees. It is possible to encourage the trees to grow stronger at the root, which is a stronger tree all around.

When To Hire Tree Pruning Professionals?

In some cases, you can prune your own trees using tree trimming tips and tricks that are easy to follow. In cases where the pruning is minimal or where the limbs that are being pruned back are small, when they are easily manageable on your own, and when the tools that you already have are going to be big enough to handle the trimming. It is not a good idea to try to do major pruning on your own.

The reason for this is that you can get hurt, you may cause damage to the tree, and you may end up causing damage to your property. With larger jobs or with more complicated jobs like branches and limbs that are very large or very high up, it is always better to get professional help.

If you have a tree that does need to be trimmed or pruned and you are at all unsure of how to proceed, it is always going to be safer for you and for your tree to go ahead and get in touch with a professional company that can help you get your trees trimmed and in great shape.

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