The Best Ways To Deal With Fallen Branches

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If you have trees on your property, you may very well be familiar with finding an occasional fallen tree branch and, in some cases, even a limb. Fallen tree branches are not anything unusual, especially for older or dying trees or after an event like a storm. The real question is, what do you do with those unexpected surprises?

Options for Dealing With a Fallen Tree Branch

The occasional fallen tree branch isn’t unusual. However, if you find this to be a more frequent issue, you should contact a professional tree company for help. Especially for younger trees, falling tree branches could be indicative of another problem.

In most cases, though, a fallen tree branch is simply a fallen tree branch. The easiest and quickest option is to contact a professional tree company for removal services. Otherwise, you can make use of those fallen tree branches in other ways.

Great Mulch Substitute

If you have a chipper, rent a chipper, or hire a professional tree service to chip it for you, those downed branches and limbs can be a great mulch substitute.

Free Firewood

Do you burn wood in your firepit? Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? Then those fallen branches will be the most accessible and affordable firewood option you will ever find. 

Lots of Upcycle Ideas

One of the most popular ideas in decor today is wood. From benches and stools to coatracks, frames, and more, wood offers many beautiful options for upcycling. So, get creative with that fallen tree branch and create something fun, unique, and useful out of your fallen tree branch.

BBD Tree Service

Are you finding fallen tree branches in your yard? If this happens frequently, then you should keep people out of the area and seek professional help for an inspection. Welcome to BBD Tree Service, your local, family-owned tree service for the greater Watertown and Newton, MA area for more than 16 years.

If your trees aren’t looking their best, it may be time for a trimming. If you need a fallen tree branch removed, we can help. At BBD Tree Service, we will trim and prune your trees for a beautiful finish, haul away fallen branches, inspect your trees, and more.

Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a visit and get a free estimate today. For all your tree care and service needs, just ask BBD Tree Service.

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