When Should You Cut Down a Tree?

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Do you have a tree near your home that is causing you concerns? Are branches from a tree creating a potential risk to power lines, windows, vehicles, or buildings? There are many reasons we may need to cut down a tree or cut back branches, but seeking professional assistance is always the preferred course of action.

In addition to the work and labor, tree care professionals can also eliminate any risk of personal injury and handle the clean-up. That doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional, and no law states that you must seek professional assistance (unless power or utility lines are involved), but professional tree service is available.

How To Cut Down a Tree 

If you are a healthy and strong DIY type, you should be able to manage cutting down a small to medium-sized tree without professional assistance. That is, of course, as long as you use the proper equipment and heed the following guidelines.

1. Safety Evaluation

Take the time to consider every aspect of the job. If it is one you feel comfortable with, then great. If, however, you have any safety concerns or are not completely confident, you should seek the assistance of a professional tree service company. 

2. Fall Radius and Clearance

Be sure to overestimate the fall distance. It is also important to make sure you have cleared the entire fall area as well.

3. Make Escape Route

Be sure to know where you are headed once the last cut has been made. That also means ensuring your escape route is clear of any obstacles that could literally trip you up.

4. Remove Low Branches

Before starting on the trunk, remove any larger branches on the lower half of the tree. This will help with a cleaner, more controlled, and safer fall.

5. Notch the Trunk

Now you can begin by taking small V-cuts out of the trunk, taking a little more each time. When the trunk begins to show weakness, you can make the final cut.

BBD Tree Service

Welcome to BBD Tree Service! BBD Tree Service is a local, family-owned tree service business, servicing the greater Watertown and Newton, MA area for over 16 years! BBD Tree Service is your source for tree services, including 24/7 emergency service and more. 

BBD Tree Service can remove trees of any size, from short saplings to massive, old-growth trees. If your trees aren’t looking their best, it may be time for a trimming. Contact us if you have any questions or for a free estimate today.

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