Do You Need a Visit From the Tree Doctor?

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Are you wondering if you need a visit from the tree doctor? How do you know, and what exactly is a tree doctor? If you have been around tree care professionals you may have heard the term tree doctor thrown about, but who are these doctors and what do they do?

Much like it sounds, tree doctors (known as certified arborists in the industry) take care of all things trees. You don’t necessarily need a tree doctor to cut down a tree or trim your branches, though, so when do you need a tree doctor?

Examples of When You Need a Tree Doctor

Although they may not technically be classified as doctors in the professional realm, certified arborists do require extensive education in the field. In many cases, tree doctors will also specialize in a certain area of study.

That also means tree doctors can serve a variety of purposes and roles, so it is easier to offer some common examples of when you might need and use a tree doctor.

Dying Trees

There are many threats to the health of our trees, from inclement weather and drought to insects and disease. In many cases, tree doctors can help diagnose and restore the health of struggling trees.

Arborists Companies and Tree-Growing Operations

Companies in the tree business or tree-growing business will often turn to a tree doctor for input, direction, and help. While a tree doctor may or may not be the one doing the cutting, trimming, or planting, you can often find a tree doctor behind the scenes directing the show.

Future Instructors

To earn the title of master arborist, a minimum number of years as a certified arborist and a degree in forestry or arboriculture are necessary. Master arborists may also go on to instruct and teach others.

Your Tree Care Professionals 

You may not need a tree doctor to cut down a tree, but you may want to at least consider getting help. Welcome to BBD Tree Service. We are a local, family-owned tree service business, and we have been servicing the greater Watertown and Newton, MA, area for over 16 years.

From removing trees from your property to rescuing cats from high branches, BBD Tree Service is your source for tree services, including 24/7 emergency service. Did you know that trimming and pruning a tree can improve its appearance, and add to its overall health and lifespan? 

BBD Tree Service will trim and prune your trees for a beautiful finish every time. Contact us to learn more or for a free estimate today.

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