Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning: What’s the Difference?

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Taking care of the trees on your property can be difficult. It takes a great deal of effort to know if you need to prune or trim trees, and what the difference between the two is. Both trimming and pruning are necessary, and we discuss the differences here.

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is the practice of cutting back branches to get a desired look to a tree’s shape. It can also be used to trim back branches off of power lines, low-hanging branches that are unsightly, or branches that are not in keeping with the look you want for the tree.

Tree trimming is primarily a service used to change the look of the tree rather than do anything for the health of the tree. Trimming is also used to help keep power lines free of limbs and remove limbs that might obstruct the roadway or other thoroughfares. Expert tree trimmers can help you figure out which branches need to be trimmed and which do not.

Trimming can take place any time during the year. It is less about the health of the tree and more for the ease of the people that have to deal with the tree. Trimming is also going to take far less consideration when it comes to cutting the branches as they are not going to be cut based on the health of the tree.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Pruning is a process of removing dead branches that stop the growth or flourishing of the tree. Pruning removes branches or portions of the tree that might keep it from growing well and from flourishing. This is something that takes a bit more practice than simple trimming.

Professional tree pruning services will be focused on knowing what branches need to be taken so that you can avoid making any moves that might damage the tree or that might be adverse to its health. Pruning often happens during the colder months to help give the tree ample time to heal and focus on growth and the root system.

With pruning, it is important that the right branches be cut, that they are cut in the right way, and that the company or service that is pruning them takes the time to ensure that it will not damage the tree. Pruning is important as it is for the benefit of the tree. Pruning removes diseased branches that might be hurting the tree. It is often used to make the tree healthier and help it grow stronger overall.

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