2022 Spring Landscaping Trends That You Must Try Today

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Looking for new landscaping trends to try this spring? If so, you are in the right place. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught most Americans is the need to appreciate their outdoor spaces. Unlike before, where they were used to complement individual lifestyles, they now supplement the sense of well-being where people unwind and spend quality time.

According to a recent study, 90% of homeowners have been taking advantage of their outdoor living spaces, and they have significantly gained a renewed sense of appreciation. So if you want to transform yours this spring, the following landscaping trends will do the job.

Bring Your Indoors Out

Spending so much time at home over the pandemic brought the realization that living areas aren’t limited to indoor spaces. Many people have been modifying their gardens by bringing their indoors out where they can both relax and enjoy nature comfortably. To achieve this, homeowners are investing in more elaborate outdoor structures such as pergolas, fireplaces, and even outdoor kitchens. Also, providing screens, outdoor lighting, and comfortable lounge chairs makes the outdoors cozier. Be sure to join this trend!

Try Vegetable Gardening

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been significant growth in edible seed sales, with more people finding delight in growing their food. While this trend may have been a result of flexible schedules and a lot of free time, it is expected to stick around this spring with many gardeners experiencing the benefits of:

  • Clean eating
  • Saving money
  • Satisfaction of growing one’s food  

The good thing is that these culinary gardens can be as simple as herb planters, requiring less time to manage as life goes back to normal and schedules get busier. Be sure to try it out!

Landscaping for Wildlife

Homeowners are making a conscious decision to design their gardens for wildlife, including birds, bugs, and other insects — a trend you should try! However, being intentional is more than just putting up bird feeders and birdbaths in your backyard. It means being actively involved in supporting the ecosystem by planting indigenous plants that offer shelter and food and practicing eco-friendly gardening, which discourages the use of toxic chemicals to support the well-being of your plants, pets, and the overall household.

Vertical and Container Landscaping

This trend, which significantly maximizes every gardening space regardless of whether it’s a balcony or an estate, is something you should definitely try! It has proven that gardening isn’t limited to large spaces, and you can truly have a variety of plants in any space. This trend also makes it easier for you to garden without changing the property whatsoever.

Will You Require Any Professional Help When Landscaping?

While you can handle most landscaping with DIY videos and info, sometimes professional help goes a long way for trendy maintenance for your outdoor space. Luckily, at BBD Tree Service, we are here to ensure that we help you with landscaping by tending to your trees by pruning, tree removal, and pest removal.

Contact us today for our services or any inquiries.


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