4 Ways To Recognize a Dead Tree in Your Yard

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If you have trees in your yard, it’s critical that you learn how to know when one of the trees dies. This is because dead trees can be a safety hazard and attract pests that can spread to healthy trees. Additionally, dead trees could be carrying contagious diseases, and they also can hurt your property’s value if you are planning to sell the property soon. Dead trees also pose a serious fire danger during thunderstorms. Although you can remove small dead trees by yourself, it’s essential that you call a professional tree removal expert to take care of larger dead trees. Here are ways you can identify a dead tree in your yard.

1. Check for Heaving Soil at the Tree’s Base

Heaving occurs when the soil around the tree’s base expands and pushes the ground upward. When a tree dies, its roots under the soil are the first to start rotting. As the roots begin to rot, it expands and pushes the ground up. Therefore, if you want to know whether a tree in your backyard is dead, you need to check the ground around its base for any signs of heaving soil.

2. Check the Condition of the Tree’s Bark

The bark usually has a lot of indications that will let you know the state of the tree. A healthy bark will look lively, and if you pierce it with a sharp object, you can see that the inside looks fresh and vibrant. On the other hand, if the tree is dead, its bark will be chipped, cracked, and peeled. Additionally, if you pierce the bark, the inside will look dry.

3. Check the Condition of the Trunk

If you notice that the tree’s bark is healthy, it likely means that the trunk is doing okay. However, depending on the pest or disease, the tree can start dying from the inside out. Therefore, you still need to check the truck’s condition to know whether the tree is dead. Inspect whether the trunk is split or its holds, which can mean the tree is dying or already dead.

4. Inspect the Branches

If the trunk’s dead, you can confirm this by inspecting the branches. The tree is dead if the branches don’t have any new leaves and are devoid of healthy leaves. Look closely at the branches to try and spot any pests. Also, check the fallen leaves for any signs of pests or diseases.

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