Caring for Your Trees in Winter

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Winter brings on a special set of challenges when it comes to taking care of your tree. Taking care of your trees in winter seasons should include preparing them for possible issues like cold stress and winter drought. Caring for your trees in cold climates is especially important.

If you want your trees to stay healthy all season long, follow the tips on taking care of your trees in winter below.

Watch out for rodents

Squirrels, mice, chipmunks and other rodents are always on the hunt for food near the beginning of winter. They’re usually willing to take any food they can get, which might include the bark of your tree. Over time, rodents can do major damage to your tree by peeling away bark, which could include disfigurement and girdling.

There are many ways to keep rodents from destroying your trees. Some build a small fence around the base of their trees to prevent rodents from chewing away part. You may even want to contact a professional exterminator.

Make sure your trees have enough nutrients

Caring for your trees in cold climates may include watering them. Certain types of trees require watering throughout winter, including dogwoods, willows, boxwood, alders and lindens. Ask a local tree service if your plants need winter watering. If so, only water them on days with temperatures above 40°F.

You should also be sure to cover your tree’s roots in enough mulch. Adding around 2 to 3 inches of mulch can help better insulate your tree and provide it with enough nutrients.

Cover your trees

Wind and ice can easily damage trees, especially young ones. A great way to prevent this type of damage is by putting a cover over your tree, like a sheet or tarp. Use stakes to ensure the covers stay in place. This is an especially great way of caring for trees in cold climates.

Take the initiative

Start on your tree maintenance routine before the winter temperatures hit. This will ensure your trees are properly prepared. Give your trees enough water, and cover the roots with enough mulch. You’ll also want to inspect them for any damages or signs of disease.

It’s especially important to prune your trees throughout the year. Proper pruning can help prevent cracks and other common winter issues. You also don’t want large limbs hanging above your property, as this can be dangerous.

Surviving winter is often difficult for trees. Do all you can to make it easier on them. Taking care of your trees in the winter season is much easier than you might think.

Invest in professional tree maintenance

If you don’t have time to give all your trees maintenance, contact a local professional. Professionals know exactly what a tree needs, allowing them to provide your plans with the care they deserve. Hiring a professional will also help save you plenty of time and energy.

Those in need of tree maintenance should contact the experts at BBD Tree Service. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, removal and more. Taking care of your trees in the winter season is easy with our help.

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