Nine Huge Benefits of Tree Pruning in Massachusetts

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Just like you need a haircut every once in a while, Massachusetts trees also need pruning. Tree pruning is a necessary part of arboreal care, and will directly affect whether your tree merely survives or thrives.

Of course, most of us have dozens of daily obligations, including work, school, family time and taking care of our indoor surroundings, so it’s easy to let pruning fall by the wayside. Before you let your trees languish, consider calling a tree service for help. Here are nine major reasons tree pruning is beneficial to you and your landscape:

  • Improves tree health: Your tree depends on you to prune it back every so often. When your tree gets too big, it’s unable to absorb enough nutrients from the soil. Pruning back some of the larger branches allows the tree to direct nutrients where they’re most needed. Of course, it’s important that you cut off the right branches, so let a professional help you.
  • Counterbalance root loss: Trees can lose their root structure over time, which affects their overall health—and can make them too top-heavy to survive. Regular trimming and pruning counterbalances the root loss and adds to the tree’s attractiveness.
  • Find out if your trees have any diseases: Trees can get diseases, just like humans and animals. And just like with us, spotting a tree problem early can make a big difference in whether it advances. The earlier you catch the problem through pruning and regular inspection, the more likely you’ll be able to save the tree.
  • Improve the tree’s appearance: Of course, let’s not forget that trees are beautiful—and regular pruning keeps them that way. Unkempt trees are not only unhealthy, they’re also inconvenient. They often drop leaves all over the yard (or your neighbor’s yard), and their shape leaves something to be desired. You can improve your tree’s appearance by pruning regularly.
  • Help your tree get more sunlight: As you know, plants need sunlight to photosynthesize. If your tree’s leaves are mostly hidden underneath other leafy branches, it won’t get enough sunlight to survive. Avoid this by pruning and shaping when necessary.
  • Avoid damage from dead, falling branches: When branches fall, they can damage your car, home, patio furniture and even yourself, if you’re unlucky enough to be walking underneath them at the time. Prune to avoid this possibility.
  • Enhance your fruit output: When you minimize the number of branches sucking up water and nutrients, any fruit on your trees will be larger and tastier.
  • Add property value and curb appeal: In addition to improving your tree’s appearance, pruning regularly improves your overall curb appeal. This has a positive impact on your property value.
  • Avoid liability: Finally, if a branch or the entire tree falls on someone else or their property, you could be liable. It’s easy to avoid this problem when you get your tree pruned regularly.

For tree pruning services in Massachusetts, reach out to BBD Tree Service today. We’ll take the work out of pruning for you.

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