Why It’s Important to Keep Up Your Landscape with Trees

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Trees are a wonderful part of any yard. They provide shade for you and your home as well as a habitat for birds and other animals. Trees are also beautiful to look at both up close and from far away. But if you want to continue to receive these benefits from the trees on your property, it’s important to keep up with regular tree maintenance.

You might not think of tree maintenance as lawn care, but they are related in that they are both part of the ecosystem that is your yard. The lawn will probably require more frequent attention since it needs to be mowed on a regular basis. It might make sense, then, to lump them both into the overarching category of yard maintenance to make sure you remember to take care of your trees when taking care of the lawn.

Here are some more tree maintenance tips to keep your yard in top shape.

Trim your trees

Whether you are a homeowner or you are renting the home you live in, it’s important to know that tree trimming is usually the responsibility of the homeowner unless otherwise stated in a rental agreement. Tree trimming is something that should be done on a regular basis, so it might be best to schedule an expert to come out regularly to handle this.

It’s important to trim tree branches so that dead branches won’t take up room where new growth should occur. This will help ensure healthy tree growth. It’s also important to trim branches that are too close to your home, as high wind gusts may cause these branches or limbs to break and damage your home.

Another reason to keep trees trimmed is that some species of tree grow very fast, which can lead to them getting too big for the space they’re in. A tree in your yard should not overtake part of a neighbor’s yard, especially if there’s a fence in between the yards. You also want to make sure the tree does not become an eyesore by getting too large—like, say, three times the size of your house!

Finally, it’s important to keep trees from blocking walkways and driveways. A professional arborist will be able to diagnose damaged or diseased trees and will be able to tell if any limbs might be at risk of falling.

Water concerns

Trees are hardy, but they still need plenty of water to survive. You can make sure they get this by watering regularly and keeping a layer of mulch 2 to 4 inches thick around the base of the tree. This will prevent the soil around the tree from drying out, and it will insulate the roots from mower cuts and extreme weather changes.

The best thing you can do for tree maintenance is to have regularly scheduled visits from a tree and lawn care professional. For the best in home landscape care, get in touch with the team at BBD Tree Service today to schedule service.

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