How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Foundation

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Many homeowners would love to have a big, beautiful tree in their front yard. But did you know trees could pose a serious risk to a home’s foundation? Tree roots will stop at nothing to search for nutrients and water, and they’re powerful enough to destroy a home’s foundation to reach the nutrients they need.

As experts in tree care in Newton, MA, we’ve put together this helpful post to explain how tree roots can affect your foundation and what you can do to prevent it.

Signs that tree roots are invading

Knowing there are tree roots under your foundation doesn’t have to be a guessing game. These are a few of the signs that your foundation is being encroached on:

  • Cracked foundation floors and walls: Although cracks in the foundation floor can happen for a number of reasons, a rogue tree root can’t be ruled out. Keep in mind that root growth is a slow process, so these cracks won’t just appear overnight. However, they will get worse over time, and can even start to spread up the foundation walls.
  • Shattered or cracked windows: When root growth gets bad enough to shift your entire home, window glass can crack or shatter unexpectedly. The foundation will likely be significantly out of whack before this happens, so you’ll probably already know there’s an issue.
  • Uneven door and window frames: You’d expect a home’s doors and windows to all be even unless there’s an earthquake. However, there’s another explanation: tree roots. When root growth is bad enough, the foundation can shift so greatly that it throws the home’s doors and windows off kilter.

How to prevent tree root damage

Thankfully, some preventative tree maintenance in Newton, MA can keep your foundation safe from those dastardly tree roots. Here are some steps to take to protect your home:

  • Install root barriers: Putting root barriers in the round before planting trees is the best way to protect your foundation. These barriers deflect the roots downward instead of outward, so your foundation is out of harm’s way.
  • Cut the offending roots: Another form of preventative tree maintenance in Newton, MA is to cut the roots that are nearing or affecting your house. This isn’t recommended by most arborists, though. Some trees can die after losing just a few of their roots. Always talk to a pro before touching your tree’s roots.
  • Remove the entire tree: If all else fails, you can have the tree cut down and the roots removed from your yard. While this is the most effective method, it’s also likely the most expensive option out there. It will also drastically affect your yard’s appearance, but at least your foundation will be safe.

Hire our team to solve your root issues

Whether the roots have already disrupted your foundation or you’re just worried about them, call our pros at BBD Tree Service. We’re experts when it comes to tree care in Newton, MA, so we’ll know just the right measures to take to ensure those tree roots aren’t an issue.

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