The Best Way to Care for Your Trees in Summer

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While summer can be a time of growth for your trees due to the abundance of both sunshine and rain, it can also pose some challenges. Depending on the climate, it’s possible that in the summertime your trees might be getting too much sun and not enough water.

This problem can be counteracted if you are proactive about your tree care in Newton, MA. There are several steps you can take to ensure your summer trees flourish during the warmer months. Here are some tree care tips that you can use this summer.

Water correctly

Depending on where you live and the climate conditions during a particular summer season, you may need to water your trees. When doing this, it’s better to water deeply and less frequently rather than watering often at a surface level. You want the water to reach the root system, and for the soil to be damp, not soggy or wet.

Apply mulch

If you already have mulch around your tree, you can replenish it, and if you don’t have any down, you should spread some in a circle a few feet in diameter surrounding the tree. The best type of mulch is natural shredded hardwood mulch, which is made from wood chips or bark pieces. Ensure you do not have mulch running right up to the trunk of the tree, because this can cause rot.

Inspect for pests frequently

Bugs are more active in the summer, which means the risk of pest infestation for your trees is greater. Most insects aren’t a threat to trees, but checking your trees often can be a safeguard against any infestations. You can perform the initial inspection yourself and call in a tree care expert or an arborist if you find anything troublesome.

Fertilize if necessary

Whether or not you fertilize your trees can often come down to where you live. Trees in urban or suburban settings are in high-stress areas, so using fertilizer would make sense there. Fertilization can help with leaf and branch growth while providing the tree with the necessary nutrients it needs.

Prune as a last resort

For the vast majority of trees, you want to do any pruning in the dormant season, not during the summer. And before you start cutting branches, you would ideally want to have a tree care professional examine your tree. But in the case of diseased, damaged, dead or infested branches, you will want to remove those to protect the health of the tree as a whole.

Call for an estimate

While it helps to know some summer tree care tips that you can implement yourself, there’s really nothing like the assistance of an expert. Your trees are important to you, and it’s better to be safe than sorry when deciding how to care for them. That’s where we come in. At BBD Tree Service, we’re the foremost authority on tree care in Newton, MA. Your trees matter to us because they matter to you, and we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional tree service, safely, quickly and for a reasonable price.

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