Is Your Tree Dying?

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It’s harder to determine if a tree is dying as compared to other species of plants. Even if you’ve worked hard to keep your tree healthy, there can be certain circumstances that cause it to die. This could include an insect infestation or the fact that your tree has just become quite old.

If your tree is showing signs of death, it might be time to call a tree removal service. It can be hard to get rid of a tree that has been in your yard for years. If the tree is becoming a safety concern, however, having it removed is your best option. You don’t want a dying tree potentially falling on your Newton, MA home or one of your vehicles. Read on for more information on how to save a dying tree.

Look at the roots

The roots can tell you a lot about a tree. Determining the health of a tree based on its roots can be difficult, though, as the roots are located underground. If there is root damage, however, you might notice that your tree is leaning to one side. Weakened roots will cause less stability for your tree. Other signs of bad roots include branches growing around the bottom of a tree, as well as protruding roots covered in slime.

Are there signs of decay on the trunk?

Another part of the tree to check is its trunk. The trunk of a dying tree will show certain signs of decay, including loose bark and cracks along its surface. Dead trees will often have a brown inner layer of bark.

How are the leaves?

Leaves that continuously die no matter how much you take care of your tree could signal impending death for your plant. A healthy tree will normally have bright green leaves that fill the branches, especially during the warmer months. If these leaves are mostly brown, even after the cooler months have passed, then your tree could be dying. Routinely check the base of your tree to see if there are more dead leaves falling to the ground than usual.

Are there insects swarming your tree?

The presence of certain insects could suggest that the wood of your tree has weakened and is dying. Carpenter ants are especially attracted to weakened wood, which allows them to easily build tunnels and colonize. While trees can attract carpenter ants, even when they’re healthy, a multitude of these tiny creatures isn’t a good sign. Certain types of fungus and bark beetles are also attracted to dying trees.

How to keep your tree healthy

Sometimes a tree’s death is inevitable, but there are ways to save a dying tree and prolong its life. Routine tree pruning will help keep your tree healthy and looking good. If the weather has been drier than usual, be sure to water your tree from time to time. A local arborist can usually offer you the best advice when it comes to tree care. Removal of a dying tree is also best done by a qualified Newton, MA arborist.

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