When to Start Trimming Your Trees

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Now that spring is upon us, it might be tempting to give the trees in your yard a quick trim. While spring can sometimes be the perfect time to trim your trees, however, this isn’t always the case. There are many ways to tell if your tree should be trimmed. If it looks like your tree might start blooming soon, for example, it’s probably a good idea to start trimming. There are plenty of other signs that your tree might need trimming.

If you’re worried about trimming a tree on your own, then it’s best to contact a local arborist. A qualified Newton, MA arborist will be able to give you the best tree trimming service and advice.

How to tell when it’s time for a trimming

Trimming your tree is extremely important to the appearance and health of your tree. An overgrown tree can worsen the look of your entire yard, and could even be dangerous in certain situations. Trees that are overgrown can also become weak over time. This could even result in the death of your tree.

As mentioned above, the perfect time to trim a tree is before it starts blooming. This is why many people choose to trim their trees at the beginning of spring. It can be hard to tell if a tree is starting to become overgrown, but an arborist will be able to give you great advice.

It’s important to trim any branches that are causing safety concerns. These could include branches that are obviously dead or have become infested with insects or fungus. During a bad storm, these dead branches can be extremely dangerous.

Do different species of trees require less trimming?

The amount of trimming your tree needs can greatly depend on its species. With some species, it’s better to trim them after they’ve completed the blooming process. This is especially true for tree species with flowers, which include dogwood, magnolia and lilac. If you have trees with sap, then it’s usually best to trim them earlier in the spring months. Oak and sycamore are examples of tree species that should be trimmed during the colder months.

Why the timing is important

Timing is quite important when it comes to trimming trees. If you trim them too early, their flowers could fail to bloom, leaving your tree looking unhealthy. Waiting too long to trim your tree could even cause parts of it to die.

Speak with an arborist

If you’re uncertain about any aspects of tree maintenance, it’s best to contact a local arborist. Qualified arborists in Newton, MA have plenty of experience when it comes to spring tree pruning.

While taking care of tree maintenance on your own might seem like a good way to save money, it could actually end up costing you more. You’ll have to buy specific tools to perform tree maintenance on your own. Any mistakes could also end up causing the need for repairs to your home or vehicles.

If you’re looking for quality tree trimming services in Newton, MA, contact the expert arborists at BBD Tree Service today!

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