Three Tips to Avoid Root Rot in Trees

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When the trees in your backyard that were once lush and healthy now appear to be less vibrant, you may think that the tree is in decay or about to die. You might check the tree to see if there are any indicators of an insect infestation or damage from animals. But the underlying problem may actually be located underground.

Root rot is something all property owners will want to nip in the bud before it becomes a major problem. This condition affects the plant’s root system and can impact everything from shrubs to trees to indoor plants.

The best step in root rot prevention in Newton, MA is to do what you can to avoid the issue altogether. Let’s look at the leading tips from tree service experts to stop root rot in its tracks.

Identify the symptoms

One important step is to know what to look for. Trees with root rot often appear to be suffering from drought conditions.

Root rot is often evident due to a tree’s poor growth, the appearance of wilted, brown or smaller leaves, a thinner canopy and weak or decaying branches. All of these symptoms are linked to the tree not being able to absorb the nutrients and minerals it needs from the ground.

You can also see if the tree has root rot by removing some of the trunk’s bark. If it’s discolored in a reddish-brown manner, then this may be a sign of infection.

Identify the cause

The two primary causes of root rot are oversaturated soil and fungal infections. Soil that contains too much moisture means that the roots become excessively saturated and are unable to pull oxygen from the ground. Soil that’s too compacted will result in this issue. It’s natural for fungal spores to be present in soil, but in overwatered trees, dormant fungal spores begin reproducing, causing faster reproduction and leading to root rot.

Preventing tree root rot

Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid root rot. For starters, ensure the area around the tree has sound drainage. Mound the soil around where the tree is planted to prevent puddles from forming. You also want to be sure to remove any diseased stumps and roots as quickly as possible.

We hope you found this guide to root rot in trees in Newton, MA helpful, and that your property’s trees remain healthy for years to come. You may want a tree service to provide support and ensure that you avoid big expenses down the line. BBD Tree Service is a local, family-owned tree service company that’s been serving the area for over 20 years.

Our friendly professionals do it all, from trimming and pruning to tree removal. Trust BBD Tree Service as your source for every kind of tree service, including around-the-clock emergency services. We invite you to see for yourself why we’re the foremost authority on tree services, no matter what your trees may need. Contact us right now to learn more and get a free estimate!

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