Is Tree Removal Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

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Every homeowner wants to know if they have coverage given the off chance a tree falls on their property. Unfortunately, the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Homeowners insurance policies are different from one insurer to the next, so it’s important to contact a local agent from Newton, MA about tree removal coverage before disaster strikes. Here are the most common scenarios when your insurance company may or may not cover tree removal.

Covered perils

No matter which insurer you have, homeowners insurance policies will cover tree removal if a tree fell on your house due to a windstorm, heavy snow, vandalism, lightning strike or fire. The insurer will also chip in to remove the tree if it caused damage to other structures on your property, like a fence or tool shed.

Homeowners policies automatically provide tree removal coverage when a tree gets struck by lightning. Any other natural disaster like a windstorm might not be covered if the tree doesn’t damage your property. The insurance company will take care of removal for you, regardless of whether or not the tree landed on structures covered by your policy.

Insurance companies might help cover the cost of removing a neighbor’s tree that fell into your yard. It depends on where the tree landed. Similar to weather-related incidents, the insurer will chip in if the neighbor’s tree damaged your house, shed or fence. Your neighbor could find themselves paying out of pocket for damage on your property if there were signs of disease and neglect prior to the incident.

Paying out of pocket

Homeowners insurance won’t cover every situation. The insurer may reject your claim if the fallen tree was poorly maintained or weakened by rot and pest infestations. For instance, let’s say heavy winds knocked over a tree and damaged your roof. Your policy won’t cover tree removal if neglect was going to cause the tree to fall anyway.

Insurers also don’t cover tree removal services in Newton, MA when a tree lands harmlessly on the ground. They only follow through with claims when there’s proof of damage to insured landscape or structures. You might even pay out of pocket if the tree lands on your roof but doesn’t break through it.

Residents can sign up for policy add-ons if they want tree removal coverage for every possible scenario. Insurers typically don’t list flooding and earthquakes as covered perils, but offer this coverage for an additional fee, although you probably won’t need this form of coverage if you live in Newton, MA. A more common add-on covers damage to landscaping such as gardens and yard space. However, this policy won’t cover removal if the tree lands in your yard and doesn’t cause any damage.

Navigating homeowners insurance is always tricky. Whether your policy covers the damages or not, the fact remains that you need a team of qualified professionals to help clean up the mess. To make the tree removal process go much smoother, hire the team at BBD Tree Service. Learn more about our tree removal services so you know who to call when an accident catches you by surprise.

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