Five Signs It’s Time to Trim Your Trees

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A common misconception among homeowners in Newton, MA is that trees don’t require maintenance. As a result, tree trimming usually falls by the wayside. Many don’t learn about the consequences of neglecting their trees until it’s too late. Here’s when it’s time to pull out the shears and prune your trees—or, better yet, contact a trusted tree care company to do the job for you.

Branches grow outward

Trees naturally grow towards the sky so they can absorb the sun’s rays. But if given the room to do so, their branches will extend sideways so that the tree is disproportionately wide. This is a common problem in yards where the trees have plenty of space between each other. Be sure to prune your trees before the branches get too long—otherwise, they’ll get too heavy and snap underneath their own weight.

Leaves display signs of disease

Trim your trees right away if you notice signs of disease on the leaves or branches. Common telltale signs of disease include spots, discoloration, premature falling and lesions. Homeowners should stay on the lookout for these symptoms and keep up with regular tree trimming so rot and disease don’t spread to the rest of the tree. If it gets to this point, a tree technician in Newton, MA will have to remove it.

Branches are rubbing together

It’s time for some tree trimming if you notice branches that cross over each other. Tree limbs are meant to grow out from the trunk, not in opposing directions. The reason you want to avoid this is because crossing branches rub against each other and wear down the bark. The bark is the protective layer that guards against disease and pest infestations. Once it’s gone, the door is wide open for all sorts of problems to invade your tree.

They’re crowding other trees

Trees that are spaced far apart aren’t the only problem. Keep a close eye on trees that are too close to each other as well. Crowded branches create a host of problems like irregular tree structure and limbs that more easily snap in the wind. Disease is also more likely to spread from one tree to the next because their branches have come into close contact. Homeowners with dense foliage in their yards will have to prune their tree branches more often.

Tree limbs create a safety hazard

Branches that snap aren’t just bad for a tree’s health. Depending on where your trees are located, a fallen branch can obstruct driveways or severely damage property. Homeowners should trim branches at least once a year, because a little bit of maintenance is worth avoiding thousands of dollars in repairs. A tree technician in Newton, MA will cut down branches that are too high for you to reach.

Tree trimming is a lot easier said than done. You probably won’t know which branches to cut and might end up creating an even bigger problem than before. Skip the hassle and hire a technician from BBD Tree Service to get the job done for you. Our pruning services include expert assessment of growth patterns and removal of branches before they spread disease to the rest of the tree.

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