Can You Plant a Tree in the Winter?

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You might know the saying, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second-best time is today”—but does that still apply in the winter? Trees are not only a monetary investment, but they’re also a commitment to care, aesthetics and the environment. If you’re planting a tree, chances are you’d like to see it stay healthy and survive for decades to come. Here are some questions to ask yourself about planting trees in the winter in Newton, MA.

What kind of tree are you planting?

Knowing what kind of tree you’re planting is one of the most important factors in your winter planting decision. Some trees do perfectly well when planted in the winter, while others require warmer conditions to take root and thrive. Before you buy and plant a tree, research its care and planting information. This will help determine whether you need to hold off for the best results.

What is the soil temperature?

In many cases, the health of your tree depends more on the current soil temperature than the ambient air temperature. However, evergreen trees are a little less needy than deciduous trees, so as long as you’re not currently in a hard freeze, you should be able to plant them with decent results.

What zone are you in?

Your climate zone matters when it comes to any kind of plant. Newton, MA is in Zone 6B. There are plenty of plants and trees that can survive in this weather, but they’re best planted about six weeks after the last hard freeze. (Alternatively, you can plant them in the fall before the first hard freeze.) Check the climate zone to see which trees thrive in this area, and how to take care of them properly.

What is the upcoming weather supposed to be like?

Finally, look at the weather in your area. Trees take about six weeks to establish their roots and start growing once you transplant them. Make sure that the weather is conducive to growth—the last thing you want is to plant a tree only for Mother Nature to dump a blizzard upon it.

Winter tree care

Here are some simple tips for caring for your tree after planting it in your Newton, MA yard:

  • Water: Trees need water, especially when it’s cold outside. Don’t risk your new tree drying out—make sure it gets plenty of water.
  • Mulch: Mulch helps keep the soil at a consistent temperature—45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is ideal. Spread a thick layer of mulch around your tree so it can establish roots.
  • Staking: Winter winds can put a lot of stress on your tree’s roots, so consider staking it for additional support as it gets established.
  • Avoid growth: This is not the time to fertilize your trees or encourage new growth. Wait until the spring to add fertilizer.

If you need help with your trees, BBD Tree Service can assist with caring for trees in the winter in Newton, MA. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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