How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

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Trees need to be trimmed, both for their health and safety and your own. Tree trimming services should be employed quickly if a branch dies and is in danger of falling, but scheduling regular tree trimming services will prevent any dangerous branches from growing and will also extend the life of your trees and make them look even better than if you left them alone. Deciding when to prune trees in Newton, MA depends on several factors.

Different kinds of trees need different kinds of attention

It’s important to take into account the fact that no two trees are the same. Fruit trees, for example, should be pruned every year to encourage growth and to produce fruit. Evergreens generally take care of themselves, shedding dead branches without the help of tree trimming services. Unless a branch is in danger of falling on people or damaging property, it’s often best to leave evergreens alone. Other trees like oaks benefit from regular tree trimming every two to three years when they’re young, and every three to five when mature.

Growth matters

Trees don’t grow the same amount every year. Some trees grow faster when they’re older, or will grow a lot in one season due to favorable weather or other circumstances. When determining when to prune trees, you need to be aware of how much your trees have grown since the last time they were trimmed. Trees won’t necessarily be on a clockwork schedule.

Safety first

Dead limbs are a danger to anyone walking under your trees. They can cause property damage, or worse, and they should be removed when noticed. But damaged branches can also cause problems. Damaged tree limbs can lead to rot and disease for the tree, as well as posing a risk to people if they die and fall.

Another safety concern that should influence your decision of when to prune trees is if branches start growing where they shouldn’t. It’s common for branches to grow dangerously into power lines, or to grow where they might block people’s view of traffic lights or stop signs. Be sure to keep an eye on any areas of concern on your Newton, MA property and schedule regular tree trimming services to prevent branches from becoming a hazard.

Health and beauty

Professional tree trimming services will find the right branches to remove to promote both the health and good looks of your trees. Regularly removing any branches that are growing into each other will improve the look of your trees and direct the trees’ energy and nutrients towards healthy branches that are growing where you want them. Strategically thinning branches can also improve the shape of your trees, and allow water and sunlight to reach any other landscaping you have on your property.

Schedule tree service today

Regular tree trimming services are a necessary part of responsible property management. When done correctly, they also make your trees and property look better. The experts at BBD Tree Service in Newton, MA will safely remove dead and dying branches to improve the health of your trees. We will also improve the look of your trees by knowing just the right branches to remove. Get in touch with us today to schedule service!

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