What Is a Root Flare?

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To a casual observer, planting a tree may seem like a simple thing. You dig a hole in the ground, pop the tree in it, cover it back up with soil, add some water to nourish it and then stand back to watch the show. If the tree is big, make the hole big; if the tree is small, dig a smaller hole. Easy enough, right? In fact, there is far more forethought that goes into the proper planting of a tree than you might realize.

Take, for example, the critical importance of root flare. This often-overlooked part of a tree can serve as the perfect benchmark when you’re planting a tree. If you’re planting and you’re not giving thought to root flare in Newton, MA, then your tree could be in serious trouble.

What is tree or root flare?

Most people think that a tree is a simple thing. There are branches, the trunk, the roots… and that’s pretty much it. In fact, like nearly every other living thing, trees are composed of numerous parts.

Root flare denotes the part of a tree between the root system and the trunk proper. The flare is named for its tell-tale shape—it’s the part of your tree that expands like the end of a bugle into your tree’s root system. Though it may appear to be a relatively simple thing, making sure your tree’s root flares in Newton, MA end up at the right spot is critical to the health of your tree.

When planting your tree, you must make sure your tree’s root flare is placed above the soil line on your lawn.

Why is root flare so important?

Root flare isn’t necessarily significant in and of itself. More than anything, root flare is an indicator of the beginning of your tree’s root system. In most trees, most of the roots spread no deeper than a foot below the soil on your lawn. This placement is critical. If your roots are too deep, they are deprived of life-giving oxygen and will eventually suffocate. If they’re too shallow, they are exposed to the elements and may not end up sturdy enough to support the tree over the years.

As a result, making sure that your tree flare is in the right spot above the soil line is a good indication that your tree’s roots aren’t too deep or too shallow.

We’re ready to help

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