The Dangers of Not Pruning Your Trees

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There are many ways in which your landscaping features require your help. Flipping mulch, pulling weeds and edging your beds are just some of the ways you keep your yard looking fresh and clean, and pruning trees and shrubs is another thing you don’t want to neglect. It can have a detrimental effect on the health of plantings, while also just looking unsightly if left to grow unchecked.

Tree pruning in Newton, MA is a crucial way to keep your plantings healthy and aesthetically pleasing, so it’s important to not neglect this task. The team at BBD Tree Service has put together the following post to offer up some of the reasons why not pruning can actually be harmful to trees.

Why is pruning so important?

Tree maintenance in Newton, MA is important because it encapsulates so many different responsibilities. You want to make sure they’re properly watered and fed and put in a position where their roots can grow as large as they need to, but pruning is a critical responsibility as well. If trees are left to their own devices, their branches will grow every which way. This not only looks unsightly, but it can also be quite dangerous. These branches can climb into structures around your property or even interfere with utility lines. These are all dangerous scenarios that should be avoided, so nip this problem in the bud by properly and regularly having your trees pruned.

The health of your trees

Trees can catch diseases just like any other plants and animals can, which many of our customers are surprised to learn. If you have a tree that’s overgrown, with unwieldy branches sprouting in every which way, these can actually be vector points for diseases that can be passed to other trees in your yard. Arboreal diseases can quickly get out of control this way, so by regularly trimming back the branches on your trees and shaping them, you’re actually taking some real steps towards making sure all trees stay healthy.

Other safety concerns

Neglecting tree pruning in Newton, MA is a good way to kill a tree, because if a tree has a disease it will typically only be affected on a few branches. If you prune those away, there’s a good chance you can put a quick halt to the problem. Additionally, if you let these dead or dying branches stay on a tree, they can present a safety hazard to your family or your buildings. These branches in rough shape can quite easily fall during storms or other adverse weather, so they should be addressed promptly.

If you think your branches need to be brought under control for the reasons listed above, tree pruning in Newton, MA should be a great first step. BBD Tree Service can handle any job, and we recommend hiring our professionals whenever there’s any pruning that needs to be done more than a few feet off the ground. Our team knows how to handle these jobs safely, so call us today to schedule a visit!

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