Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

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Cutting down trees can be a necessary part of landscaping, especially if the tree is already dead or diseased. However, many homeowners forget that cutting down trees leaves the stump behind, which may interfere with the land’s aesthetics or prevent them from planting new trees.

Is tree stump removal in Newton, MA absolutely necessary? Often, you can leave the stump in the ground without too many issues, but there are far more reasons why you should remove the stump as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to remove, especially if the stump starts sprouting new growth. Here are some reasons to remove your tree stumps:

  • Avoid safety hazards: Tree stumps are tripping hazards, and they can also present problems if neighbors or trespassers enter your property and have an accident. Even if they shouldn’t be on your property, you might still be liable for damages.
  • Easier landscaping: Have you ever tried mowing around a tree stump? It’s a challenge, to say the least, and it comes with the risk of damaging your lawn mower. Removing the tree stump also gives you the opportunity to plant something new in its place.
  • Curb appeal: For the most part, tree stumps are unattractive eyesores. If you’re selling your home, you need to have the stump removed—don’t give potential buyers any reasons to pass on your house before they even walk in the door. Removing the stump also increases your property value, for similar reasons.
  • Avoid spreading disease: Trees are susceptible to disease as well as vermin, insect infestations and other harmful intrusions. While live trees are more likely to contract a disease, tree stumps are vulnerable as well. If you have other trees or plants on your property, you don’t want to increase the chances that your healthy trees will be damaged. If your stump is attracting and housing termites, rodents or wasps, those invaders can easily move into your home or other structures.
  • Eliminate the chances of new growth: When you leave a tree stump in the ground for an extended period of time, it can actually start sprouting new growth. Not only is this another eyesore, but it also makes it more difficult to remove your tree stump. For the best chances of permanent removal, doing it right away is best.

Hiring a professional tree stump removal service is your best bet. Trees have large, complex root systems underground, and often twine themselves around pipes, wires and other underground utilities. Using a professional team ensures that you won’t accidentally hit utilities or cause damage to your property that could have been avoided. Professional services also have the heavy-duty removal equipment required, which is far easier than renting or sourcing the tools yourself.

For tree stump removal in Newton, MA, make sure to call BBD Tree Service. We handle trees (and stumps) of any size, and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate when you contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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