Five Reasons Why Your Tree Isn’t Growing Leaves

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Your landscaping is one of the first things people see when they pull up to your home or business. Keeping features like your bushes, shrubs, flowers and mulch nice and tidy is a great way to increase curb appeal and make your house feel more like a home, but problems can arise even if you’re doing everything right—particularly with trees.

Tree care in Newton, MA is something where a little maintenance from a property owner can go a long way. If you’re finding that a tree or two in your yard isn’t growing leaves at the time of the year when the rest of the trees are blooming, there may be a few reasons why this is the case.

  • Trees are adaptable: Sometimes trees are not blooming because they can tell it’s not really spring just because there’s been a very warm spell in March or April. This is particularly true of older trees, so if your tree is not leafing out in Newton, MA when others are, keep in mind that this tree could simply be biding its time and waiting for more permanent warm weather that will be more appropriate for blooming.
  • Late bloomers: Some trees can just take longer to bloom. Certain breeds and types of trees don’t like to bloom until deeper into the season, so tree care in Newton, MA is partly about researching the characteristics and habits of the different types of trees on your property. Patience on your part is key in this particular instance!
  • Damaged bark: There’s a chance that your tree with no leaves in Newton, MA may have experienced a structural issue that hindered the tree’s ability to grow naturally and effectively. Damaged bark can be a big cause of this, for example, as it throws off the tree’s ability to effectively distribute nutrients and create blossoms.
  • Structural issues: Another reason why a lack of blooms may suggest tree maintenance in Newton, MA is necessary is that the tree has simply reached its limits. A tree might have its roots grow as big as they possibly can, given the space it’s planted in, which will severely hamper its ability to blossom and grow further. Poor soil could also be the culprit, which the professional team at BBD Tree Service will be happy to advise you on.
  • Infestation: One last thing that could be to blame for a lack of blossoms is a bug or pest infestation, which will likely require professional tree care in Newton, MA from a trusted neighborhood provider. This problem might seem severe, but it can be effectively dealt with by trained technicians.

If your trees aren’t blooming properly or at the speed they have in the past, don’t hesitate to give BBD Tree Service a call to discuss further. We’ll ask you a number of questions that could help us identify a potential solution. A tree that isn’t blooming usually isn’t dead, and our team knows how to bring them back from the brink and get them back up to their usual glory. Get in touch today to learn more.

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