Tree Trimming and Pruning for the Summer

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Summer is almost officially here, and now that most of your spring planting is out of the way, it’s time to turn your attention to your trees. While it is best to prune some trees when they remain dormant during the winter, other trees actually benefit from summer pruning. And of course, after the growth during spring, many trees are probably in need of a trim. Call the experts at BBD Tree Service—we can help with all of your tree needs, including tree pruning service in Newton, MA.

Here are four reasons to call in an expert to trim and prune your trees this summer.

Stimulate tree growth

Despite the fact that pruning and trimming means parts of the tree are being cut away, both will actually help enhance the overall long-term health of the tree. Trees grow best when the entire tree grows at the same time. If limbs are allowed to grow too long or become too entangled, they can begin to compete, depleting overall resources and damaging the overall health of the whole tree.

Increase safety for people and structures

A falling branch can cause a lot of damage, whether it falls on a structure or a person. After heavy winter snow and spring storms, some of the limbs might be damaged, making them weak and more prone to fall in an uncontrolled way. When you call a tree pruning service in Newton, MA, an expert can evaluate the tree and eliminate these dangerous limbs. This allows the area around your tree to be safe for the structures around it and people walking below it.

Repair all damage

Damaged limbs can be detrimental to the health of the entire tree, so it is best to get it pruned as soon as it is noticed. You might want to call in experts after a major storm to check for limb damage before it’s too late. If rot and disease from the damaged or dead branch or limb is allowed to set in, more limbs or even the entire tree could be negatively affected.

Enhance overall curb appeal

Last, but certainly not least, summer tree trimming and pruning is the best way to make sure your trees look their most beautiful. It will get rid of unruly leaves and branches, bringing overall shape back to your tree. An expert can evaluate the tree for any pruning needs to make sure all dead branches and limbs are gone, allowing your tree to wow your friends and guests when they come over for summer fun.

Call in the care experts

For your summer tree trimming and tree pruning services in Newton, MA, reach out to BBD Tree Service today. Our tree trimming and pruning professionals will identify which branches are harming the tree and where shaping is needed to make your tree both healthy and beautiful. Don’t let your trees fall victim to bad health—reach out to us today for more information on summer tree trimming and pruning services!

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