Problems to Avoid When Selecting Trees

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Choosing trees wisely and keeping up with proper tree maintenance in Newton, MA go hand in hand. With that in mind, here are five things you should consider when selecting trees to plant on your property.


Shade and privacy are two of the most common reasons property owners plant trees. However, trees also contribute a ton to landscape designs. Front yard trees tend to be focal points that draw the eye to the home. They create movement and a three-dimensional effect in otherwise flat-looking areas. Because most trees have the potential to grow big, it’s crucial that you select the right tree species for your landscape.

Some areas of your lawn should be off limits to all trees—avoid planting too close to the house, walls, fences, overhead or underground power lines and buried utility pipes. Additionally, avoid planting trees too close to the street.

Rate of growth

As a homeowner wanting new trees, you should also consider the speed of growth—in other words, you should consider whether you want a fast- or slow-growing tree incorporated into your landscape design. Planting trees that grow fast may seem like the best option, but fast-growing trees and large, fast-growing shrubs are in greater danger of various kinds of damage than slow growers. Another issue homeowners may have with fast-growing trees is the absence of certain qualities, such as the desired leaf and flower color.


You may or may not have certain desired tree functions in mind. For example, you might have your eye on a shade tree, an evergreen tree or a smaller, more manageable plant like a dwarf tree. On the other hand, if all you want is a tree to use as an anchor feature in your front yard landscape, choose a tree that maintains its looks throughout most of the year. If you know what you want from the tree, then that’s what you should focus your attention on.

Foliage and flower color

The leaves and flowers in one variety of tree can differ greatly from other types of trees and even subspecies of the same tree. Let’s take at the bottlebrush tree as an example—this tree flowers, can stand upright or sport weeping branches, while golden trumpet trees have different colors and flowering styles. Know that every tree will look and act differently in your landscape.

Negative elements

You must also consider any negative elements of the trees you want to plant. If you have a swimming pool, deck or patio, you want trees that don’t drop a ton of debris. If you or someone in your household suffers from pollen allergies, then certain flowering or budding trees should be avoided. Some trees are more susceptible to disease and pest damage, while species like queen palms and ficus trees perform poorly in wind storms.

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