Transitioning Your Landscaping from Winter to Spring

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As spring approaches and winter goes out like a lamb, you may be noticing that your yard is looking more like an untamed wilderness than a serene landscape. The harsh winter may have taken a toll on your yard, and you’re beginning to think about all of the different ways you can spruce it up before that beautiful spring weather arrives. Whether it’s dusting off the lawn mower or taking care of some tree pruning in Newton, MA, here are a few tips for getting your backyard paradise ready for spring:

  • Cleaning up the debris: There is no telling what has been hiding under the piles of winter snow, and as spring arrives, your yard might be littered with debris. Go around your yard with a rake to break up soil and grass that has clumped up, and to remove old leaves and other debris that has made its way on to the lawn. Using gloves to protect your hands, collect fallen branches or pinecones to make way for your lawn mower.
  • Mowing the lawn: After lying dormant for the long winter months, spring brings new growth to the grass in your yard. In order to protect the roots of the grass, make sure to wait until the grass has grown about two inches tall before mowing. This will keep the grass from becoming too short, which makes it more prone to disease, and will allow the grass to grow back beautiful and lush.
  • Refreshing the mulch: Adding new mulch is key to providing insulation to any new growth in your yard. While the spring days might be warm, the spring nights can still get cold, and these new and young plants will need the extra protection that fresh mulch can provide. Mulch also helps the soil retain moisture, keeps weeds from growing and adds to the overall aesthetic of the yard.
  • Applying fertilizer: Applying fertilizer helps increase the nutrient levels of the soil, helping your plants and trees thrive during the spring growing season. After a hard winter, the soil in your yard will need additional nourishment. Try to fertilize your yard right before or right after the first light spring rain because this will help with absorption.
  • Pruning trees: A final important way to get your yard ready for spring is tree pruning in Newton, MA. BBD Tree Service can help you identify which trees in your yard should be pruned and trimmed for spring to help maintain their shape and size. Additionally, maintaining trees helps the tree fight off any potential issues on their own, keeping them healthy as well as attractive and valuable.

As you’re making a plan of attack to start on your yard maintenance early this spring, remember to give BBD Tree Service a call. We will send out one of our experienced professionals to assess the trees in your yard and determine how tree pruning in Newton, MA can ensure your trees are the healthiest they can be. We look forward to serving you soon.

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