Is It Bad to Put Holiday Lights on Your Regular Trees?

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If you want to take your holiday decorations to the next level this year, you might be considering adding lights to your regular trees. Many homeowners get worried that this could be bad for these trees, however, and as a result are reluctant to do so. Fortunately, local tree service specialists are here to provide you with a few tips on how to handle holiday tree lighting in Newton, MA safely and responsibly this season.

Choosing the right tree

It is very important to select a healthy tree, as those that are fragile or sick may suffer under the weight of holiday lights. Younger trees should also be avoided, as the lights could potentially warp their growth cycle. Instead, be sure to choose a tree that is strong and mature, and will be able to sustain the weight of the lights without harm.

When you have found the tree you want to decorate, you will need to measure the circumference of the trunk, and get as close to an accurate height measurement as possible. Then, divide the height of the tree by the distance that you want to cover so you can make sure you have enough lights, and they will be spaced evenly when wrapped around the tree.

Holiday tree lighting dos and don’ts

To avoid burning or causing any unwanted damage to the tree, make sure to only use holiday lights that are specifically designed for outdoor use and are completely waterproof. When stringing the lights around your tree, it is best not to wrap them too tightly so you don’t harm or cause any damage to the tree. Use electrical tape to secure the lights to the tree, as staples or nails can weaken the tree’s health.

Always wear gloves to avoid getting splinters or cutting your hand, and make sure there is always someone to spot you on the ladder just in case there is an accident. The extension cord should be secured properly under the tree, not out in the open where it could be tripped on, pulled out accidentally or tampered with by a pet. Once they are on the tree, be sure to frequently check on the condition of the lights, looking for any bulbs that are in poor condition or that may have burned out.

Protecting the health of your trees when decorating for the holiday season is very important, but with a little bit of planning, you can safely put holiday decorations on regular trees in Newton, MA to create a glowing outdoor masterpiece this season. Our goal at BBD Tree Service is to ensure your trees make it through the winter and the holiday season safely so they can continue to provide your property with their many benefits and beauty throughout the rest of the year as well. For more pointers from the tree experts about safe holiday tree lighting in Newton, MA, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you soon, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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