Six Tree-Saving Tips for Winter

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We often think of landscaping as a summer activity. Flowers and trees bloom in the spring, then they turn bare for the winter. This means you don’t have to worry about caring for trees during the cold winter months, right? Not exactly. Proper winter tree care in Newton, MA is essential to the continued health of your trees.

By applying a few tips, you can keep your trees looking great and your property looking sharp. Try the following top tips to keep your landscaping lush year-round:

  • Save trees from stress: Did you know that trees can get stressed out due to cold weather? Frigid temperatures can take their toll. Rapid temperature changes are also harsh. Watch for cracks in the outer bark and the interior wood of the tree. These are signs that the tree is suffering from cold stress. If you notice these signs, contact your local tree service to determine if further action is needed to preserve the health of your trees.
  • Watch for winter drought: If your area experiences a lot of winter precipitation, it may sound counterintuitive that your trees would experience drought. However, if the ground is frozen, the trees may not be able to absorb any water. If your weather forecast calls for extended periods of below-freezing temperatures, you may need to water your trees to keep them healthy.
  • Beware broken branches: Snow can look light and fluffy, but it can quickly weigh down tree branches. During cold weather, the branches may be even more brittle. As a result, the snowfall can cause broken branches that pose a hazard to property and people. Partner with your local tree service to ensure your trees are properly pruned before winter hits, and that dead limbs are removed as soon as possible.
  • Rid them of rodents: Cold temperatures send animals scurrying for food and shelter. They often look to trees as a source. Rabbits, mice and other rodents may chew the bark of your trees, causing damage and leaving the trees susceptible to further damage from the winter weather. Protective barriers are available to help keep these critters off your trees.
  • Plant appropriately: If you’re choosing new trees to plant on your property, keep your climate in mind. Winter tree care in Newton, MA is easier if you choose trees that are designed for winter climates. Contact your local tree service to learn which species thrive in your climate zone.
  • Prune proactively: Don’t wait until your trees are overgrown and suffer from broken branches. Schedule regular structural pruning of your trees. This service involves removing diseased branches and shaping the growth of your tree for optimal results. A professional tree service can complete this task each year to prevent damage and maintain the health and appeal of your landscape.

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For more information on winter tree care in Newton, MA, contact the tree experts at BBD Tree Service. Locally owned and family operated, we’ve been serving customers throughout the area since 2000. We offer tree removal, tree pruning and more. 24/7 emergency services are also available. Call us today for a free estimate.

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