Understanding Different Tree Types in Newton, MA

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Trees grow in ecosystems all over the world, providing food, shelter and air purification to countless thousands of species of plants, animals and insects. While it’s hard to determine exactly how many tree species there are across the planet, it’s estimated that there are about 23,000 distinct types of trees growing around the world. With so much diversity in tree species, you might be unsure about how to identify the tree species that you encounter. Read on to find out more about how you can distinguish between tree types in Newton, MA.

Tree identification basics

Before you can begin identifying different species of trees on your property, it’s important to have an understanding of more general tree classifications. The two basic types of trees are evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen trees typically have scales or needles, and they stay green throughout the year. Deciduous trees often have green leaves, but they begin to lose their foliage in the fall, and they are usually completely bare throughout the winter. In spring, deciduous trees begin budding new leaves, and many have brightly-colored floral blooms.

Narrowing down tree species

It’s easy enough to tell the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees, but there are thousands of distinct species that you have to narrow down when you’re trying to determine the species of a particular tree. Thankfully, there are tools out there that make it much easier to identify trees. One of the most useful tools for tree identification is the Arbor Foundation’s “What Tree is That?” quiz. After you answer a few basic questions about the physical characteristics of the tree’s leaves, the quiz will identify the tree species.

To identify trees on the go, you can use mobile apps like Leafsnap. Using this app, all you have to do is take a photo of a tree leaf and enter the tree’s location, and the app automatically identifies the tree. With vTree, you can identify a tree species by entering your location and answering a few questions about the tree.

In addition to using mobile applications and online tools, you can use field guides to improve your tree identification capabilities. You can purchase field guides from book stores or find online resources to help you get better at identifying various species of trees based on their leaves, bark and other characteristics. You can also go to a tree nursery to find out more about tree species in your area and get advice from professionals about which tree species might be good options for planting on your property.

Learn more about different tree types in Newton, MA

There are a lot of characteristics that are consistent between tree species, but different trees still require different kinds of care and maintenance. At BBD Tree Service, we provide our customers with expert tree services that are tailored to meet their unique needs. No matter what kinds of trees you have growing on your property, we have the tools and knowledge to help keep them in the best shape possible. Get started with a quote and consultation by giving us a call today.

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