Top Trees to Plant for Winter Color

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Want to add some color to your winter landscape? Grays, whites and browns can start to feel dreary after a few weeks of cold winter weather. The vibrant oranges and reds of fall are long gone, and spring blooms seem too far in the future. To create a more appealing landscape, use colorful winter trees in Newton, MA.

The following selections will help you add color to your surroundings year-round. For more tips on these and other plants, contact your local tree service in Newton, MA:

  • Paperbark cherry tree: This tree’s bark sheds throughout the four seasons and reveals a coppery skin that adds a shiny glimmer to your landscape.
  • Japanese red maple tree: As the name implies, this tree will add a reddish hue to your surroundings with its bark.
  • Coral bark maple tree: This tree sports bright coral red branches during the winter, which provide a nice contrast to the green tones featured in its trunk.
  • Redtwig dogwood tree: During cold winter months, these trees turn bright red. The younger the tree, the redder it gets, so even freshly planted ones add great color to your property.
  • Winterberry holly: Providing a great contrast to the white snow, this shrub features bright red berries.
  • Holly bush: These plants offer gold or red berries that pop against the winter landscape.
  • Cotoneaster: This evergreen plant keeps your winter wonderland colorful with greenery as well as red berries.
  • Snowdrift crabapple: Throughout the winter, this plant produces orange fruit that not only adds color to your yard but also attracts colorful birds.
  • Emerald arborvitae: This evergreen tree adds a shimmering emerald green to your landscape.
  • Douglas fir: Looking for the classic Christmas tree? Here it is! This tree’s bluish-green needles offer a great complement to the snowscape.
  • Wichita blue juniper: This tree retains its silver-blue foliage year-round, making it the perfect option to add color as well as create privacy or a windbreak.
  • Norway spruce: The dark green needles on this evergreen will provide color for your surroundings throughout the year.
  • Star magnolias: If you’re looking for a few colorful plants to complement your winter trees in Newton, MA, this late-blooming flower is perfect. Offering a white, fragrant blossom, this plant blooms in late winter.
  • Snowdrops: Plant this one in the fall to enjoy gorgeous white blooms into the winter season.
  • Hellebores: You’ll enjoy a variety of flowers from these plants that bloom in November through the winter. Bright green, dark brown and patterned flowers make your winter landscape more appealing.

Start planting for winter

For more information on the best winter trees in Newton, MA for your property, contact the experts at BBD Tree Service. We are a local, family-owned tree service that has been exceeding customer expectations for over 19 years. From removing trees from your property to rescuing cats from high branches, BBD Tree Service is your go-to source for tree services. Call us today with any questions or to get a free estimate. We look forward to helping you improve your landscape.

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