Avoid These Mistakes When Trimming Your Trees

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If you have trees on your property, it’s possible you could be caring for them improperly. If you haven’t been trained or have no experience in tree trimming in Newton, MA, it’s likely that you are making one of these mistakes when trimming and pruning your trees. Call a professional tree trimmer for advice and expertise at dealing with the trees on your property, and read through these tips to make sure you’re not making these mistakes in the future:

  • Using dirty equipment: Using dirty clippers or pruning shears can spread disease from tree to tree or plant to plant. Every time you trim one plant or tree, you should dip your shears or pruning equipment into a bucket of bleach water before moving on to the next. This will disinfect your shears and stop the spread of disease or other bacteria to the next plant or limb. Your cleaning solution should be one part bleach to five parts water. You should also be wiping down your blades before storing them.
  • Over-pruning: Another mistake many homeowners make during tree trimming in Newton, MA is over-pruning. Each cut creates an open wound in the tree, which it has to heal from. Minimizing these cuts to only a few at a time is essential to making sure the tree can adequately recover. Over-pruning can lead the tree into shock and distress, creating damage that it can’t recover from.
  • Pruning thick, low branches: The branches you trim should always be the higher, smaller branches, which leave the smallest wound. Many homeowners make the mistake of pruning lower, thicker branches, which leaves wounds in the tree that it can’t recover from as easily. Each branch removed creates a new stress for the tree, which it will need to recover and regenerate new growth from. It’s important to make this process easy on the tree to maintain healthy growth.
  • Pruning at the wrong time of year: Many homeowners aren’t aware that tree trimming in Newton, MA is a seasonal and time-sensitive practice. They often prune delicate items like rose bushes in the middle of the summer, which makes them too susceptible to sunburn, when they should be pruning rose bushes in the winter. Different plants need to be pruned at different times of year. During summer, only minimal and essential pruning should take place. If you’re unsure if your trees or shrubs need pruning, or which trees to prune at what time, contact an arborist or tree care professional to come take a look at the trees on your property and offer insight and advice.

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