Worst Pruning Mistakes by Homeowners

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If you have trees on your property, you probably make an effort to perform some regular tree maintenance, such as tree pruning in Newton, MA. Whether you just have one tree on your property or multiple trees, you probably visit each one periodically to search for any necessary pruning and maintenance. However, if you haven’t been trained as an arborist, you’re likely making damaging mistakes with your tree that you’re not even aware of. Keep reading for some tips and mistakes to avoid as you prune your trees:

  • Over-pruning: Many people who perform tree pruning in Newton, MA make the mistake of over-pruning. They get carried away while trimming, and end up cutting off lots of healthy wood that didn’t need to be removed. Doing this too often or over-enthusiastically can cause structural damage to the tree. Too much pruning can deprive the tree of nutrients and even cause it to become sick and die. You should never prune more than 20 percent of your tree, and often much less than that is necessary.
  • Topping the tree: “Topping” refers to just pruning straight off the top of the tree. This is one of the most common mistakes that tree owners make. Many are tempted to prune the tops of their trees for height concerns. These top branches may be obstructing a view, interfering with power lines or getting dangerously close to your roof. By trimming directly off the top of the tree, you will be altering the structure of your tree, as well as stimulating the growth of less strong or structurally sound branches. You may find that the branches you trimmed off never grow back.
  • Pruning large branches: Many tree owners aren’t aware that you should never cut off a branch that is larger than two or three inches in diameter. Every branch you cut creates a wound that the tree must heal, and trees have a harder time recovering from a wound that large. You increase the tree’s risk of internal decay by creating these large wounds. This is also true for branches close to the trunk, as their diameter will be larger, leaving a larger wound to heal.
  • Pruning at the wrong time: You can’t perform tree pruning in Newton, MA whenever it suits you. You have to pay attention to the cycle of your tree. The right time to prune depends on the tree’s species and the region you live in, as well as the season. A good rule of thumb is to prune when the tree is dormant. This is often in the winter or early spring, but you should consult a professional tree care company for advice regarding your particular tree.

Regardless of your trees and situation, you should always consult a professional tree pruning service in Newton, MA before hacking away at your trees. BBD Tree Service is here to provide you with knowledgeable oversight for your trees. From tree trimming to pruning, whatever you need, we’re here to thoughtfully execute the job. Call us today for a free service estimate!

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