The Problems with Planting Trees Close to Power Lines

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Overhead power lines are still a very real thing in the United States. If you fall in love with and purchase a house with power lines nearby, it’s in your best interest to monitor the trees growing in your yard and to know the proper planting distance before putting in new trees.

A number of property owners and professional tree services have scary stories involving live power lines and tree trimming in Newton, MA. Some encounters can lead to harmful or deadly accidents, as electricity doesn’t mix well with most things. The following are a few issues you might come across if you have trees growing too close to power lines:

  • Fire hazards: When electricity is involved, you have to consider the possibility of fire. Power lines are features that carry electrical currents from place to place. In the case of residential neighborhoods, these lines carry power to each home. The electrical current in power lines can jump to trees that are too close, resulting in either smoldering or electrical fires. These types of electrical fires spread quickly and are not easy to maintain control over. If you have trees growing close to power lines, make tree trimming in Newton, MA a regular chore.
  • Power loss: Tree branches and entire trees can fall during violent storms or after losing their battle with tree disease. When weakened trees are near above ground power lines, the risk of neighborhood power loss increases. A tree crashing through a live electrical current will knock out the power to homes and has the potential to cause an electrical fire.
  • Animal nests: There is nothing wrong with wildlife living in trees. It only becomes a problem when they are living in trees that are growing too close to power lines. Curious animals might chew on the cables, wires or even wood utility poles, which can disrupt the power supply and cause a dangerous situation. Not only can frayed cables spark fires in trees, they could cause a greater power outage spanning miles. Maintaining your trees back from power lines keeps the critters living in them away from wires.
  • Open currents: It’s a common misconception that downed power lines aren’t dangerous. They are very dangerous! One of the biggest concerns about downed or snapped power lines is the existence of a live current—whether the line is on the ground or stuck in a tree’s branches. Live open electrical currents can transfer to objects in the surrounding area, like trees. For everyone’s safety, call an electrician to handle the downed line before calling professional tree trimmers to remove branches or trees.
  • Difficulty trimming: The closer a tree is to power lines, the harder and riskier it is for tree owners to trim it themselves. At this point, the safest option is to call a team of tree experts.

If you need help with tree trimming in Newton, MA, don’t hesitate to contact BBD Tree Service. Call us anytime to schedule a tree trimming appointment!

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