Important Tree Maintenance in Newton, MA: Five Tree Disease Treatment Strategies to Save Sick Trees

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Year-round tree maintenance in Newton, MA is important. Ideally, you would hire a tree professional to come out to your property for trimming, pruning, cutting and shaping, but a lot can be done by the property owner. For instance, watching out for the signs of tree diseases.

Every time you’re in your yard, take a few moments to inspect your trees. Signs of a dying tree includes weak limbs, broken branches, pale or brittle foliage, a bent or bowed trunk and insect infestations.

Before you decide to cut down a sad looking tree, consider making an attempt to save it. Here are five tree disease treatments to try when your trees are unhealthy:

  1. Learn about tree disease: Arming yourself with knowledge is your best bet at saving your trees or preventing a tree disease from spreading. Get online or go to the library and do some research as soon as possible. First, you need to narrow down the specific tree disease from the thousands of possibilities. To get a proper diagnosis, you have to know the kind of tree, what your soil and climate conditions are like and the most common tree diseases in the area where you live. Once you figure out the species of tree, you can search the kinds of disease it is most vulnerable to, disease symptoms and the most effective treatments.
  2. Make sure the tree gets nutrients: The thirstier or hungrier the tree, the more vulnerable to disease it will be. It will also have a more difficult time surviving in general. To ensure your tree is getting enough—and the right—nutrients, inspect it top to bottom. Stunted growth and yellowed or wilted leaf tips are signs of a nutrient deficiency in the soil.
  3. Rule out root problems: A tree’s root system is designed to pull water and nutrients from the ground. If there’s something wrong with the roots, there’s likely something wrong with the tree. Consider mulching. Too much mulch around the base of trees can actually suffocate the root system. Leave room for the tree to breathe when laying down mulch. Exposed roots, while not always bad, are highly vulnerable to root rot.
  4. Trim it or prune it: Pruning is very important for maintaining tree health, but it’s a task that many tree owners find scary. The truth is, when you prune, you lower the risk of injury and property damage from falling branches of entire trees, and removing diseased limbs can reduce stress on sick trees. Many tree diseases are highly contagious, so another benefit of pruning is it stops the disease from spreading to other trees.
  5. Call a pro: The early signs of tree disease are subtle, and they are not all that easy to treat. Your best bet at saving your trees is calling in the professionals to take a look around and identified potential disease or other tree problems.

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