Highlights from the City of Newton Tree Manual: Tree Removal

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Proper tree care and maintenance is essential to keep the trees in our community looking fantastic and growing healthy. Unfortunately, trees don’t last forever, and they may eventually need to be removed from a property due to disease, death or major changes to a property. Regardless of the reason for large tree removal in Newton, MA, it’s important to consider some of the guidelines for this service as laid out in the City of Newton Tree Manual.

Reasons for removal

There is a wide variety of reasons why a tree might need to be removed from a property. Oftentimes, trees are removed because they have become a hazard to the public, usually due to disease or uncontrolled growth. In other cases, trees are removed to make way for development or construction on a site. No matter why a tree is being removed, though, there is a specific process that has to be followed before a tree can be safely removed from city property in accordance with local laws and requirements.

Requesting tree removal from city property

If you want to request that a tree that’s adjacent to your property and owned by the city be removed, there are several steps that you have to follow:

  • Removal application and inspection: Before you can remove a tree in Newton, you have to apply for approval for large tree removal. An application has to be filled out with the Newton Tree Warden, the tree has to be inspected by the Department of Urban Forestry and a hearing must be held.
  • Approval and permitting: After the application, inspection and hearing, the applicant will receive a notification indicating whether their request was approved or denied. If the removal was approved, the applicant must get all of the necessary permits for large tree removal in Newton, MA.
  • Fees and payments: The applicant is responsible for paying fees for removal and paying for the cost of tree replacement. These payments have to be processed before removal proceeds.
  • Tree removal: After the tree removal project has been officially approved and the fees for removal and replanting have been paid, the tree can be removed.

If the tree that you want to remove is located on your property and not owned by the city, you will have to invest in your own removal services. Large tree removal in Newton, MA can be a difficult process, so it’s essential to work with a professional who is experienced in taking on these kinds of projects. A professional tree removal team will be equipped with the training, experience and equipment necessary to safely and effectively remove a tree from your property.

Call for large tree removal in Newton, MA

You can find out more about tree care and maintenance by reaching out to the team of professionals at BBD Tree Service. For years, our family owned and operated company has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality services possible to our customers. Whether you need tree removal services for a large tree or you need some basic tree pruning and maintenance, our team has the experience and tools necessary to assist you. Give us a call today to get started with a consultation and service quote!

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