Tips for Planting and Maintaining Fruit Trees

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Fruit trees can add beauty to your yard and garden, and they produce fruit that you and your family can enjoy season after season for years to come. If you want to add a few fruit trees to your garden this spring, it’s important to plan ahead for proper planting and tree maintenance in Newton, MA. Read on to learn a few of the planting tips and methods that you can use for a successful spring planting season:

  • Select planting sites for your trees: Before you can plant your trees, you need to find a good site for planting. Find a place where there’s plenty of healthy soil and a lot of room for your tree to grow and mature over time.
  • Research different types of trees: After you have a better idea of where you want to plant your trees, you should look into different types of fruit trees to find the ones that will be right for your space. You should consider how different fruit trees will fare in your climate and research the kind of maintenance that these trees require so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Go to your local nursery: Once you’ve done some planning and research for your fruit trees, go to your local nursery and select your trees. You can ask for recommendations based on the types of trees you are looking for and the size of the space you have available for planting. Make sure that you have a reliable way to transport your trees back to your property without damaging the limbs or roots. While you’re at the nursery, you should pick up some soil and fertilizer that’s suitable for the types of trees that you’re planting. It’s also a good idea to pick up tools like gloves and shears to help you plant and maintain your trees.
  • Put your trees in the ground: After you have your trees, dig holes in the ground that are big enough for your trees and their roots. Break up some of the soil at the bottom of the hole with a shovel before planting your tree. Once your tree is planted, cover it with soil and add soil at the top about three inches above the ground. You should water your trees and observe them after planting to ensure that they are properly established in your soil.
  • Water and maintain your trees: After your trees have been established, it’s important to keep up with regular watering and maintenance. You should consult a local nursery or online resources specific to your region to find out how often you should be watering your particular types of trees. As your trees grow, it’s important to get professional tree maintenance in Newton, MA to keep your limbs pruned and maintain healthy growth over time.

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