Tips for Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard

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They’re small, they’re pesky and they’re known to cause a variety of health problems for both humans and animals. We’re talking, of course, about ticks. Ticks are a major problem across the country, spreading nasty diseases like Lyme, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and more. Since these pests are so harmful, you need to take it upon yourself to keep your yard tick free, thus protecting your family and pets from transmittable diseases. This post will cover a few of the best ways to keep ticks out of your life:

  • Get rid of their favorite spots: Ticks love hanging out in damp, humid areas in your yard—it’s where they’re most comfortable and least prone to dehydration and predators. You can eliminate these tick hotbeds by calling a pro for tree maintenance in Newton, MA. A tree care professional will trim up your trees and shrubs, creating a less humid and less tick-friendly yard.
  • Mow your lawn: Similar to the point above, keeping your grass on the shorter end creates a less attractive habitat for ticks. Ticks like hanging out in tall grass, so mow on a regular basis to ensure they don’t get too comfortable. Additionally, trim up unruly shrubs and other areas of your garden. You might think it looks nice, but so do the ticks!
  • Add a mulch border: Laying mulch around the perimeter of your property can be just as effective as adding a moat to a castle, at least as far as ticks are concerned. Ticks don’t like crossing barren, sunny areas, so you know they won’t like going across a mulch barrier. For best results, make the barrier four to six feet wide.
  • Clean up your yard: Brush piles, firewood stacks and other debris in your lawn are nice little hideouts for ticks. Getting rid of all that junk will enhance the appearance of your yard while giving ticks one less place to hang out and breed. If you must have a brush pile or firewood stack, put it on the other side of your mulch barrier to prevent ticks from crossing back and forth into your grass.
  • Keep birds and deer away: Animals like birds and deer are two of the most common tick carriers. Unfortunately, they’re also common in our backyards. Consider building a fence or applying deer repellant spray to keep them out of your yard. It’s a bit more challenging to keep birds out, but moving bird baths and feeders away from where your family hangs out can help you avoid tick bites.
  • Treat your yard: Spraying your yard with insect repellant does wonders to keep ticks at bay. The treatment is applied at ground level and makes your whole yard inhospitable to all sorts of pests, including harmful ones like ticks.

Try as you might, you could still wind up with a tick infestation in your yard this spring. If that’s the case, it’s time to bring in the pros for tree maintenance in Newton, MA. At BBD Tree Service, we’ll do our best to identify any tick-ridden trees or areas and remedy the situation. Give us a call today to set up an appointment or to learn more about all of our services.

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