Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place with Eight Simple Tips from a Tree Specialist in Newton, MA

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You dream of a lawn perfectly trimmed with a beautiful tree line. You imagine the wonderful shade a well-placed tree could provide for your patio. You think how nice a large tree would look outside your kitchen window. If you have visions of how trees could enhance your property, it’s important to know how to make them a reality. Your tree specialist in Newton, MA can help.

However, to make the best use of trees, you must plant the right tree in the right place. Use the following guide to ensure this happens:

  • Space: Consider the final height and breadth of the tree. It won’t be a sapling forever. Will it run into anything as it grows? Consider where the peak might hit, as well as how the canopy will spread, and place the appropriate tree in an appropriate spot.
  • Style: Do you want a deciduous tree, or an evergreen? Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, while evergreens do not. These two styles offer distinctive looks for your lawn, so it’s important to choose appropriately based on the appearance you desire. Often, a mix of both will let you enjoy colorful seasons as well as year-round greenery.
  • Shape: Do you want a tree that offers good shade? Choose a species that has a round or V shape. If you have less space for a tree to grow, consider a columnar tree. This won’t provide as much shade, but it might fit where you want it to grow.
  • Spurt: Trees have differing growth rates. Do you want something that offers a quick growth spurt, or one that is slower to grow? Keep in mind that slow-growing trees generally live longer.
  • Soil: What are the soil requirements for the tree? Even a well-tended tree can quickly wither if planted in the wrong type of soil. Find out what type of soil your property offers and choose a tree that will flourish in your lawn.
  • Sun: What directional sun exposure does your property enjoy? How much sunlight falls on your lawn? Consider the sunlight preferences of each tree as you decide what to plant.
  • Seeds: Do you want to plant a fruit tree or other type of seed-bearing tree? These can offer benefits, but keep in mind where the seeds will fall. You probably want to avoid littered sidewalks or droppings on adjacent properties.
  • Seasons: What climate is best for each tree? Consider the seasons you experience. Some trees cannot handle extreme temperatures, while others can thrive in these conditions. Learn the “hardiness zone” of a tree before you decide to add it to your property.

Start Planting

Would you like to add the beauty of trees to your property? Partner with the tree specialists in Newton, MA at BBD Tree Service. Our professionals can answer any questions you have and provide expert advice about tree planting. Once your trees are in place, we can provide top-quality trimming and maintenance to keep your trees healthy and attractive. Reach out to our team today!

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