Looking to Move a Big Tree? Here Are Some Steps to Follow

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Are you considering large tree removal in Newton, MA? Before getting rid of your tree altogether, you might want to consider moving it instead. Some people don’t know this, but large trees can indeed be moved. When it’s done carefully, this can be a successful option for when you need to get a tree out of a particular spot, but don’t want to get rid of it completely.

But unlike small plants freshly transplanted from a nursery, moving a large tree isn’t as easy as digging a hole and putting up some stakes. As experts in tree care and tree cutting in Newton, MA, we’ve learned the most successful process.

Timing is everything

Moving a large tree isn’t something you can do spur-of-the-moment. It requires a lot of planning. So if you’ve decided that you need to move a tree to make room for a house addition, or that you’d like to move that big oak to a spot in the backyard where you can really enjoy its shade, keep in mind that it’s a multi-step process.

The best seasons for moving large trees are late winter and early spring. Never transplant a large tree before autumn leaves fall, or after spring’s first big bloom.

Root pruning

About six months before making the big move, you will need to start root pruning your tree. Trimming the tree’s roots has two benefits: it makes it easier to uproot the tree when moving it, and it encourages the roots to grow closer to the tree, so that they will be strong and healthy when they move into a new spot.

If you do not feel comfortable handling root pruning yourself, consider hiring a tree removal and tree cutting service in Newton, MA. Improper root pruning could result in your tree dying after being moved.

The “big move”

When the day comes to move your large tree, you will need to tie up the branches and then dig a hole that provides a foot of leeway on all sides of the tree, so that its roots can be pulled up with it.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to tie up the “soil ball”—the clump of roots and soil at the base of the tree—with a burlap sack. Then you will place the tree in its new home, which should have a hole that is as deep as the previous hole, but about twice as long. After that, it’s just a matter of filling in the hole with soil and water, and then tending to your tree as it gets accustomed to its new home.

Of course, all of the above instructions are much easier said than done. So if you have your heart set on moving your large tree, but are nervous about tackling the job yourself, don’t worry. The team at BBD Tree Service is happy to offer assistance with large tree removal in Newton, MA, and we have over 18 years of experience on the job. Get in touch today to start planning your tree’s big move.

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