The Importance of Tree Trimming and Pruning

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It is every homeowner’s goal to make sure that their home is welcoming, both on the inside and the outside, which is why so many tend meticulously to the appearance of the trees that are on their property. To ensure that the trees on your property remain bounteous and healthy, proper maintenance will be necessary. If you want your trees to look their best well into the future, trimming and tree pruning in Newton, MA are a must:

  • Removing growth hindrances: It is possible for isolated areas or a specific group of branches to get infected or diseased, while the rest of the tree remains healthy. If left unattended, however, this sickness could potentially spread to the healthy areas of the tree, putting the health of the entire tree at risk. There is a chance that this can be avoided, but only if the unhealthy areas of the tree are removed right away in order to promote the continued growth of the tree and its branches.
  • Managing overall health: All trees have a basic need for the continuous flow of both water and sunshine in order to grow properly. However, the overhanging of lengthy branches can hinder the growth of the tree, even when they are completely healthy. If there are too many leaves and branches growing from the tree, they could end up blocking out the sunlight, and as a result the growth of the entire tree can be stifled. In addition, the lack of sunshine can also create a breeding ground for certain types of diseases to begin developing, making tree trimming one of the best ways to protect the overall health of your tree.
  • Safety: Trees that have been weakened by disease or overgrowth can actually pose a significant risk not only to the tree itself, but to your property and all of those who are on it as well. Branches that aren’t healthy can potentially fall and injure someone, while also putting a great deal of stress on the tree’s structural integrity. Making sure to have these branches removed will help everyone remain safe, and help the tree remain as strong as possible.
  • Protect your trees from storms: If you live in an area that sees a lot of heavy rains and windstorms during the warmer months, your tree branches face the added risk of being damaged or broken off altogether. In addition to being unsafe for any people who are nearby, this opens up the tree to the heightened vulnerability of being diseased. Pruning your tree routinely, even when it is healthy, will help to fortify its defenses by giving the branches added strength, with a consequently higher likelihood of fielding damage and weathering storms.

Here at BBD Tree Service we have been helping homeowners make sure that the trees on their property look great and are structurally healthy for years to come with tree trimming and tree pruning in Newton, MA. We take pride in making sure that the trees around your home are adding value with their well-kept condition, instead of presenting a risk to your home with overgrown branches or heavy leaning. Give us a call so we can trim and prune your trees to perfection today.

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