How to Tell If You Might Need Tree Removal in Newton, MA

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Having beautiful, mature trees in your yard is a wonderful way to shade your home and boost its curb appeal and value. However, if you aren’t vigilant, you may end up with a fallen limb or a collapsed tree that can damage property and cause serious injury. In the interest of protecting your home and your family, as well as your neighbors and their property, it’s important to be aware of situations that might call for tree removal in Newton, MA. By keeping an eye out for signs that your tree might need to be removed, and by taking steps to keep your trees healthy and safe, you can maintain the aesthetic of your yard while preventing property loss and personal injury:

  • Loose limbs: If a limb has already come loose from a tree, there is a significant likelihood that it will fall to the ground. Even branches that seem to be deeply entangled in other limbs and foliage can fall down, especially during stormy weather and heavy winds. In fact, these loose limbs are often referred to as “widow makers” because of the risk that they pose. You shouldn’t attempt to get these branches down on your own since they pose a significant threat. A trained professional will be able to get the limb down while taking all of the necessary safety precautions to prevent injury and property damage.
  • Signs of dead wood: It can be a challenge for the untrained eye to determine whether a tree has dead limbs, but there are signs you can look out for. Look at your tree branches and compare the way they look. If there seems to be a single limb with falling bark or signs of decay, it’s likely that the limb has died, even if the rest of the tree is fine. If there are several dead limbs on your tree, you might need to invest in total tree removal in Newton, MA to prevent the tree from causing major damage.
  • Potential tree disease: Insects, regional factors and other circumstances can cause trees to become diseased. You might notice a tree disease manifest itself through blistered or wilted leaves, clear signs of rotting or a sudden infestation of insects or pests. Regardless of the cause, it’s essential to get a professional consultation to determine whether you need tree removal in Newton, MA. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the disease will take its toll on your tree and cause it to deteriorate and fall.

If you’re concerned about the health or safety of some of the trees around your home, it’s a good idea to call BBD Tree Service so that we can take a look. Our team is experienced and trained to assess the health and safety of all kinds of trees and determine whether pruning or tree removal in Newton, MA is necessary. For nearly 20 years, our family owned tree service has worked with all kinds of commercial and residential customers to ensure that their trees look great and don’t pose any risks to people or property. Whether you have an older tree that needs to be removed or you simply want to have a tree pruned to promote growth or as a safety precaution, we are here to help!

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