Protect Trees When Hanging Hammocks

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Summer is finally here, which means that everyone wants to be out and about! Thanks to advances that make hammocks lighter and more affordable than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to hang a hammock in their backyard.

If you are going to string up a hammock between your backyard trees, however, there are a number of things you should do to protect your trees and ensure that you don’t damage them while hanging your hammock. If you are unsure of how to best care for your trees while hanging a hammock, you should consult with your tree service in Newton, MA.

Here are some basic rules of thumb to follow while stringing up a hammock this summer season:

  • Choose carefully: Choosing to hang your hammock from the wrong trees could be disastrous for both the trees and yourself! While falling from a hammock isn’t usually too dangerous, you could leave yourself with an unwelcome welt if you choose a tree that’s too small to support your weight. Even worse, you might end up killing or permanently damaging the tree. You should choose two mature trees that are about 12 feet apart.
  • Invest in specialty straps: Don’t use old-fashioned rope or plastic straps. You should invest in special tree-saving straps that will both keep your hammock at elevation more securely, and help you keep your tree healthy and safe. The straps should be a minimum of one inch wide. This means that they will distribute your weight more evenly across the tree’s trunk. You should never pound nails or drive screws into a tree—this will damage and possibly kill it.
  • Hang the hammock: Once you’ve selected the trees and purchased the right kind of hanging straps, it’s time to hang your hammock. You should locate the thickest part of the tree’s trunk, and hang the hammock roughly four feet off the ground. The lowest part of the hammock should be roughly 18 inches off the ground. This will keep you both comfortable and safe!
  • Check the straps: If you’re going to be leaving your hammock up all summer, you should check the straps every time you’re going to sit in it. You should tighten the straps on a routine basis for your own personal safety. If the straps are too tight, however, they may be at risk of snapping. If you are unsure of how to appropriately tighten your straps, refer to your hammock’s owner guide.

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