End-of-Winter Tree Assessment

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In much of the U.S., it’s been a long and cold winter. Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up, it’s time to evaluate your trees and bushes and see how they fared throughout the cold season. If they were properly prepared for the winter, they should just need a little bit of care before the summer growing season begins in earnest. If you experienced any extreme weather conditions, however, your trees may need a bit of extra attention in order to grow correctly.

Since spring is now well underway, you should consider hiring a tree service in Newton, MA as soon as possible to perform an end-of-winter tree assessment. When you work with a tree care professional, they can help you identify the best way to continue caring for your trees moving forward.

While you’re waiting for your tree care professional to arrive, there are a number of steps you can take to assess the health of your trees on your own time:

  • Look at the branches: Check the branches and limbs of your trees for any damage. You should look for bends caused by excessive snow weight, as well as cracks caused by wind and other conditions. You should closely observe all of the limbs to determine if some may have died throughout the winter. If you believe you have a dead limb, wait for professional help to remove it.
  • Check for pest damage: Keep an eye out for any rodent or deer damage that may have occurred to your tree over the wintertime. Even small amounts of trunk damage may cause serious issues later down the road. If you notice any trunk damage at all, you should consult with your tree service in Newton, MA to learn about pest control options that may help you avoid further damage in the future.
  • Rake up debris: Over the wintertime, lots of debris can accumulate at the base of your trees. While assessing your trees, you should rake up all of this debris. Removing the debris from the base of the trees will keep it from molding, and should help you keep your tree’s root system healthier. You can also analyze the debris to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything alarming, like new leaf shoots.

Once your professional tree service provider has the opportunity to assess your trees, they’ll be able to provide you with several important services, including a seasonal trimming and adding mulch.

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