Caring for Trees in Zone Six

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Depending on the gardening zone in which you reside, there are a number of tree care tips that you should take into consideration. Different temperature zones require different types of tree care, and you should take the overall climate of your region into account when selecting, planting and maintaining trees.

Zone Six is defined by its medium-length growing season and intensive seasonal diversity. Zone Six often experiences chilly, wet winters and warm, humid summers. Both evergreen and deciduous trees can thrive in Zone Six, when given proper care and provided with effective tree maintenance. Working with a qualified provider of tree service in Watertown, MA is the best way to ensure that you are effectively treating your trees for our region’s Zone Six climate.

Winter care

The most challenging aspect of a Zone Six climate that will face most trees is the frigid and occasionally stormy winter season. Zone Six often encounters its first frost of the season in November, and the last frost of the season typically falls in May. Understanding how to protect your trees against cold conditions can help you ensure that they remain healthy throughout the year:

  • Avoid branch breakage: In extremely cold temperatures, tree branches are less flexible and more brittle than they are in the summer time. Additionally, snow and ice accumulation can cause branches to snap. Be sure to proactively trim weak branches before winter sets in, and remove any snow or ice that may accumulate.
  • Keep them watered: It may seem counterintuitive, but drying out can be a serious problem for trees in the wintertime. Evergreens are particularly susceptible to drying out in the winter, because they continue to be active throughout the year, even when the majority of the water is frozen. Mulching before a big freeze can help your tree retain moisture.
  • Protect against winter stress: Winter stress occurs when water trapped between layers of bark freezes and causes substantial cracking. A common cause for winter stress is late-season growth, which may be caused by late pruning.

Selecting hardy trees

Working with a qualified provider of tree service in Watertown, MA is the best way to ensure that you are planting the best types of trees for your region. You should always consult with a professional before deciding which types of trees you’d like to plant at your home or garden.

Since 2000, BBD Tree Service has been the premier provider of tree service in Watertown, MA. We are proud to provide each and every one of our clients with specialized tree services that meet their specific and individual needs. You can count on us to provide your tree with effective and workable maintenance solutions that will help you to prolong its life and make the most of your existing landscaping investments.

To learn more about our full menu of tree services, you should reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates as soon as possible. We can help you identify a common-sense approach to keeping your trees in tip-top shape.

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