Common Tree Care Mistakes on Commercial Properties

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That tree that has been standing in front of your business for years might look incredibly resilient and strong, but it takes quite a bit of work to keep it that way. Trees are meant to grow in a natural environment without any assistance, yet humans have been placing trees in landscapes that aren’t necessarily suited for them for hundreds of years. Trees planted in non-native environments can struggle significantly more. That’s why providing them with routine maintenance is the only method to help the tree thrive on a commercial property. The wrong kind of upkeep can leave a tree damaged and sickly, leaving you with no choice but to seek tree service and removal in Watertown, MA.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with some of the most common tree care mistakes encountered on commercial properties:

  • Poor pruning: Pruning is an important part of tree maintenance, as it forms the plant and promotes good growth. But too much or improper pruning can have devastating effects. Over-pruning causes the tree to have less foliage to support development. Accidentally removing a vital limb can permanently damage the tree, which will leave you with no choice but to have it removed entirely. Knowing how to properly prune a tree is a vital step of keeping the tree strong. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact a tree service in Watertown, MA.
  • Too much mulch: Contrary to popular belief, burying a tree in mulch isn’t a surefire step to encourage growth. An excess of mulch can actually be quite harmful to the overall health of the tree. The mulch keeps the bark moist, which makes it susceptible to fungi, insects and decay. Approximately three to four inches of mulch applied just off of the trunk to the outer drip line is recommended.
  • Planting too deep: Planting too deep can lead to an assortment of issues. A tree best establishes in shallow soil where it will have unobstructed access to oxygen, water and warmth. The roots won’t have enough access to these vital substances if the tree is planted too deep in the soil. It will then be tasked with fighting to simply survive. Instead, the roots should be level with or over the surface of the dirt.
  • Damage from equipment: Lawnmowers, heavy machinery and string trimmers can do some serious damage to a tree. Running over the roots or banging against the bark can have irreversible effects. Place a protective layer of mulch around the tree to create a healthy growing environment and remind equipment operators to stay clear. Additionally, avoid planting in a high traffic area.
  • Improper irrigation: Too much or too little water can be detrimental to the health of a tree. While irrigation is a valuable tool, it’s important that you closely monitor the amount of water the tree is receiving. Adjust the watering amount based on weather and plant needs to avoid limiting the trees ability to grow and thrive.

Keeping a tree growing strong on a commercial property can be challenging, but the experts at BBD Tree Service are up to the task. Call us today to learn more about how our tree service in Watertown, MA can help.

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